About US


Sigil of Baphomet website was founded and created to answer the call for Satanic Jewelry that has long eluded the market for decades. 

Until 2013, Satanists would purchase jewelry from occult stores that typically catered to other left hand path religions but none that was specific to Satanism itself. 

Many would transform them into satisfactory purposes that would represent Satanism. 

While it may have satisfied many, Satanists long desired something of quality and craftsmanship and more over, something that would DEFINITELY represent their core philosophy. 

 Out of this quest of dead ends, Xerxes, an entrepreneur with 20 years experience in business, took it upon himself to research the market and finally develop and distribute the jewelry we have come to admire and love. 

Nowadays, the jewelry represents various symbols associated with Satanism. Quality of the jewelry is constantly changing, surpassing all competitors that attempt to bring something to market but fail on the quality and craftsmanship level. 

 In 2017, Satanic Jewelry will see a new level of standard that has never been achieved. Superior Quality and Craftsmanship using the finest metals and materials. Sterling Silver and  use of exotic leathers will be used to create some of the best Satanic pieces of jewelry ever created.

No one else before us has gone this high in surpassing expectations for the jewelry we only dreamed of before.


Made with pride by Satanists, For Satanists..........The Satanic Elite!     Hail Satan!




Brand Representative - Model for Sigil of Baphomet 

Eye grabbing attention on social media and her support for this site made her a prime candidate for a featured model of the jewelry and to represent the brand on her own. 

Follow us on Social Media to catch the eye popping photography we share. Truly mesmerizing!



Jewelry Model for SigilofBaphomet.com

We kept an eye on her for awhile. A long time supporter since the beginning. She came to us through Instagram. 

Time and time again, her striking beauty would pierce through the hearts of men AND women! Yes, we could not help but ask her to model some of our jewelry. 

When she did, we quickly got the attention of MANY followers on social media. Facebook and Instagram were slow on gaining followers before she arrived. She was the perfect platform to display our creative works and because of her amazing beauty and willingness to showcase our works, we have garnered large recognition globally. A great sport and all around great lady. 

Raven - SigilofBaphomet.com



Graphic Designer - Magick Graphics

Marketing Consultant and Graphic Designer for SigilofBaphomet.com

Simply the BEST Graphic Designer we have ever come across. Nearly a decade of experience, she is THEE go to person for all of our branding and graphic design needs.


They were either long time supporters or we asked them to model the jewelry for our website and other social media platforms. We believe that their character/personality PLUS their beauty are a great platform for showcasing our jewelry. They are highly impressive individuals and a perfect fit to model these works. They are highly appreciated for their time and effort to support us. The models are the most consistent people featured on our social media but we also welcome ANY customer submitted pics. While we cannot guarantee that we can share all pics submitted, we certainly keep an eye out for an opportunity to have someone model our jewelry in the future.