Theirs vs. Mine....Know the Difference.

The top set of pendants were the ORIGINAL 1.5 inch size pendants. They were measures from Top to Bottom...This is how it all began 2 years ago. Since then, I have mastered the way to make them thicker, more detailed in design, and SIZEd in a different its DIAMETER. The Bottom set of pendants are the new and improved 1.5 inch pendants I released October 2014. The TOP set is where those who try to compete are STILL stuck in that concept. The competition simply cannot compete with the quality upgrade and price. The original 1.5 inch pendants were measured from top to bottom that INCLUDED the bail loop. However, since I knew that eventually I needed to get better at my product line a

The Best that's YET TO COME!

I am going to be contacting a jewelry manufacturer that is more accessible to me. They can literally make ANYTHING...IN ANY METAL, ANY SIZE, ETC...Now, I KNOW that my 'competition' is still trying to gain traction by taking many of my ideas. Ideas that no one EVER before came up with until I came around. I am fine with that, really. I have come to terms with it because I allow the general public to make that deciding factor on who's got the best product AND the BEST PRICE. ideas might be taken, but I cannot be outdone when it comes to price. My quality is much better and the price is definitely smaller. You be the judge. Since I recently unveiled the Sigil of Baphomet RING, a task

iSatanist, an UN-Original and Fake.

For SOME time now, I have stated that there was at least ONE competitor who has been trying desparately to advertise HIS website ON MY facebook page...and INCLUDING THIS VERY SITE! I refrained from using the name of his site simply because I was not going to allow someone to try to use cheap tactics to make themselves appear much better than they are. In fact, he lacks so much its amazing. I see it everywhere in his style of works. Most recently, he has reached a new level of all-time lows. Now, here's the thing. For months I had been quite public of the fact that I would never stoop to such lows and copy The Sigil of Baphomet that the Church of Satan utilizes. I think its a great piece. All

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