The Bees Knees of Sagittarius Lost Art...a Desiree creation.

August is shaping up to be quite the colorful month already (with one day to go before it begins at the time I wrote this). In July, I introduced one of the hottest models I've seen in recent memory since Dita Von that setting the bar kinda high? Perhaps so, considering that lots of beautiful women model but few can pull off the various styles like that of Hada Pixie. From fashion to fetish, modern-day pin-up to even sexy selfies. Hada Pixie is making waves with her creative talents and had recently added a new line of rosaries that included some of my best works, like the Seal of Lucifer pendant, The Satanic Cross, and various Sigil of Baphomet pendants. While most are still dwi

Hada Pixie

HOT! That's the one word to describe this dark beauty embracing the dark pages of the internet these days. Hada Pixie, model, photographer, dancer, and performer. The multi-talented beauty has officially launched a collection of rosaries and I am happy to report that some of her works includes pendants created by me. It all began with her first rosary. She used a Seal of Lucifer pendant purchased on the site and after completion, her picture went viral. Since then, she has created the even MORE popular Satanic Cross/Sulphur Rosary and once again, the pics have gone viral. What really caught my eye was the picture posted on the home page. If the Satanic Cross was ever a piece to indulge in, l

Baphomet Ring : Update #4

Previously I've shown some raw pics of the mold that reflected the fact that the ring is definitely IN PRODUCTION. Now, here's a a finished sample of those molds previously posted. This is an INCOMPLETE ring as the face is not yet added. So here's the update: Due to the complexity of the details on the Baphomet design (the "face" of the ring), I had to abandon the idea of using the Oswald Wirth Version of Baphomet and instead going with the simple design originally created by Maurice Bessy...or the Bessy Version as its commonly referred as. It's now going to be a 3rd time a mold will be created WITH the face this time, which will result with the creation of the first production sample. From

Sigil of Baphomet Update #3

Got an updated on the Sigil of Baphomet ring production today. As you all might know, the ring is listed as CUSTOM MADE and its very expensive. The ring is manufactured here in the U.S. and it takes approximately 4 weeks, start to finish, depending on the design changes you would want. Totally CUSTOM MADE. Many people have expressed interest in the ring but I KNOW that the price can be a major turn-off for everyone. The ring is currently being crafted for a mass production. This production will enable me to bring about more than one piece at a time AND ALL SIZES. This feat is unlike anyone has ever done before me. I'll say this AGAIN...ITS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE...UNTIL NOW! Many of you know

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