The Satanic Temple, The Church of Satan and Planned Parenthood?

Recently I posted the article that told of the protests for and against Planned Parenthood and the actions taken by The Satanic Temple. Now it appears that Peter H. Gilmore has published a statement on the Church of Satan website insighting Satanic philosophy relating to the article I had posted. Of course, it did take a small jab at the actions of The Satanic Temple, indirectly. They weren't mentioned by name but I got the message clearly who he was referring to. It wasn't so harsh but it still appears as though he thinks of their actions are rather childish in a sense. It gave the notion that TST was doing something comical rather than being more adult about the situation or as some comic

Ring Update #5

The moment we've been waiting for... This project is a big undertaking. It will be the biggest production I have done since I began creating these items. A crowd funding campaign has been created and launched! Terms and conditions have not yet been negotiated but it's expected that the full retail value of the ring can be as high as $70 max (down from $250, not bad eh?). The problem is: producing rings in every size; unlike pendants, one size fits all. So here's how the crowd funding campaign is set up in the event it is needed: The campaign is set up alot like a pre-order sale, there's "perks" involved. If anyone contributes for a perk, then you get something with it, IF the goal is reache

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