The New Satanic Cross Pendant

The Maurice Bessy baphomet pendant project did not meet the anticipated demand I was hoping for to thrust the production of that item. I want to take a moment to personally thank the few people who jumped to support that production from the start. I do these PRE-Order Sales not only to offer the best price for an early purchase but because it also brings in the necessary revenues to produce these items in large quantities. This leads me into a brief discussion about how 'sausage is made'. For the most part, I am very transparent about how I go about producing these items that Satanists across the globe have purchased and appreciated. I also find myself reminding people on facebook how this a


Just when you think QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP can't get any better, it does! A year ago next month, I rolled out the 1.5 inch pendants you have come to appreciate and support. Now, with the popularity of the quality, I'm once again taking things even FURTHER on the quality level. Since I began the ring project 3.5 months ago, I also started to look into bringing a quality pendant that can be worn DAILY. Meaning, many people wear the current one often, but due to the need for costs associated with producing them, they didn't meet the absolute potential until now! My entire inventory will slowly get replaced with a new and improved version of the pendants currently listed. They will be made

Ring Update #7

Ring Update: Since the last pic was posted, the ring has finally been redone yet again with the last step remaining, the color. Now, if you followed the posts, you will recall that I used some laser technology to fine tune the details of the face of the ring. This is very modern technology for jewelry making these days, BUT it's extremely expensive when you are doing a mass production. Due to the Internet trolls that tend to follow my lead and/or attempt to copy my methods and ways I conduct business, I will need to HOLD BACK on details regarding how I finally concluded the final prototype. I will say, that when I decided to go with the new concept, our production costs were reduced by 5X t

Ring Update #6

Yes, the struggle is REAL people. The saga continues to perfect the ring. 3 more rings will be created if needed. On the left, the previous version shown, done with laser and color added (16 mm). ON THE RIGHT, an engraved version. Much more detail when done by more skillful hands, no color added and this is (21 mm). PERSONALLY it is WAY TOO BIG. We can see and DO more details when it's enlarged. The next step is to bring it back down to a 16mm (diameter of the face of the ring). After that, I think its safe to say that we are close to finalizing the project. Meanwhile, the Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign continues! I find it strange how the campaign has yet to garner much support. HOWEVER, w

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