Debunking "Permission" to use Sigil of Baphomet. The truth of the matter.

I also want to clarify something publicly. I do not intend to create car decals or Gay men calendars any time soon. Its so far off cue on what my market is, unlike the competition, they are literally all over the place at this point. Here, we stick to what Satanists have long desired for, Quality Satanic Jewelry, plain and simple! Changes to the website are already being made for February. New Pic of the Month/Week and I am featuring a very special guest whom will be a staple to my marketing dynamic for the product line. Most of you will be familiar with the face based on the pics I have posted in the recent past. I am also getting a new shipment this weekend. Stand By for a NEW RELEASE. I a

ORIGINAL and still the BEST!

For months I have said that competition is always just around the corner. Always trolling my website, my facebook page, and looking to see what I will come up with next. I was the first to create Sigil of Baphomet pendants with design features that reflect a better quality and craftsmanship. The things that make them have a more professional look and feel to them PLUS the color that will never fade with time and not to mention the weight that they have. We were the first to bring an NEW level of quality and craftsmanship. These very words is what we sell ourselves on. Nothing less, nothing more. This had nothing to do with "permission" from anyone. This was basically about a product that ca

What's New for 2016

2015 was an incredible year! The website had finally reached new levels of popularity as word is catching on that QUALITY Satan ic Jewelry is finally on the market. The CRAFTSMANSHIP speaks for itself and those who have been supportive of my works since the beginning have taken it upon themselves to spread the word! Thank you all for the show of support and purchases made since the beginning! The big thing in 2015 was the Sigil of Baphomet ring. Most of you followed the blogs as I updated the process of getting it done. I was the first to EVER produce the ring for custom made orders and I was also the first to EVER create the ring for a mass market. Thanks to all those who have purchased the

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