Hey, Xerxes. 2 questions. Are you a member of the Church of Satan? If so, I heard that The Satanic T

The Question was asked on Facebook on this night. My response was rather long but it was long over due. Someone couldn't have asked a better way to settle the score about my thoughts on this. Grant it, my past remarks are rather critical, but I can't sugar coat the facts as I see them. So here is my thoughts from the outside looking in: I am not a member of either organization. I personally don't believe that there is this hatred towards each other. HOWEVER, some of the members of BOTH organizations make statements that say why they do not agree with the 'other' organization. Depending on the one they associate with OR they are a member of. The CoS, is basically the foundation of how Satanis

The Witch

The Church of Satan apparently decided to PASS on promoting this movie...ACCORDING TO THEM and I say that with a HUGE emphasis. The reality is we will never truly know what went on behind closed doors. I have made many deals behind closed doors. I can assure you, when it comes to promoting, there's alot going on than we know in the public spectrum of things. My feeling is that they passed up an opportunity just like they did when I approached them myself early on when I began creating Sigil of Baphomet jewelry and related items. I wanted to create a piece and I was hoping to get an endorsement that would allow me to USE the name and/or title "Church of Satan"...however, they declined. Simply

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