Baphomet Crochet Dolls and more Updates for 2016 and Beyond.

We recently began having operations out of Brazil that would sell and ship to the Satanists of Brazil. They have shown much interest in Satanic Jewelry by Xerxes that it seemed only logical that we make a move to make it more affordable for them to get. The shipping from the U.S. is rather high to ship overseas in some countries where the U.S. currency is high. Because we price everything based on U.S. costs to produce and ship, this can be expensive in some markets across the globe. We were happy to have partnered with Caroline in Brazil and we developed a Brazil website specifically for those who wish to buy directly from there where it makes more sense, financially. Visit our Brazilian we

The Seal of Lucifer

The Seal of Lucifer has finally dropped! Much fanfare and anticipation since the original version from way back in 2014. The newly designed version meets the criteria that ALL Satanists and Luciferians were expecting to see. Small as it may be, this piece is solid high grade surgical steel 316L Stainless! Which basically means that for the complexity of the design, such as in the little 'arms', those will not easily be broken! Anyone can claim what ever they want. They can say that all items we produce are some how "Cheap" because we are not members to any specific organization or group, but the fact is, we cater to them ALL regardless of a few bad individuals that find some jealousy in our

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