What's in store for FALL

Most of us have seen this image floating around for some time now. Like all pics that entertain social media, its all fun and games until you ask yourself, Hey wait a minute, WHY CAN'T HAVE THIS? I mean. REALLY? WHY IS THIS NOT OUT YET? That is the question many have been asking for about 2 years now. However, since I am one of the few if not ONLY person whom has answered the call to bring the things we longed to have seen in the market, it takes a little more time to answer the call than it is just to ask the question in the first place. Many of you know the age old story by now, on how this website began. It started in March of 2013. After being a Satanist since 1997, I had yet to see anyt

Bringing Back the Blog Page

It had almost been a year since I last posted a blog. Last December to be exact. After many new additions and transformations, it felt right to finally bring back the blog page. WHY? The reason was simple, social media is highly driven by the visuals. Pics and videos are all the rave and they dominate the social media platform. Plus, much of what I need to say is most of the time needs to remain short and to the point otherwise, it becomes too long for people to stay engaged and perhaps its just a waste of time to share much of any READING material and eventually it gets buried with the other posts that need to be shared. Another thing a blog page can do, is that it stays relatively current

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