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Quick update: Baphomet Plush dolls are already ON THEIR WAY to the PRE-Order Buyers. The last minute push to get the production finished at the scheduled date it was planned for was met with some other unexpected setbacks. As as a result, I had to make some arrangements to break up the shipment into 2 shipments. One by AIR Freight and the other by Sea. The Air shipment is much faster but costly. I wanted to keep the Pre-Orders on schedule as I had promised. However, this is likely the last time I will ever do another Pre-Order offer. These unexpected circumstances can be costly to force a promise I stated before. As we grow, we meet new challenges and its safe to not announce new items until

Baphomet Plush Dolls

Baphomet Plush Dolls are coming THIS MONTH, OCTOBER 2017. As per our usual, we are the first to create a PLUSH doll of BAPHOMET. It all began over a year and a half ago when I introduced the baphomet Crochet dolls. These plush dolls were modeled after the same look as the crochet doll PLUS they will be larger in size. There has been much anticipation for something like this to hit the market and while no one ever came up with it, we took action! Two versions of this doll are in production and the second version will be shared when a PRE-ORDER Listing will be posted to the site. The PRE-ORDER listing is just so that you can LOCK-in your order as it is anticipated that these dolls will sell f

Honor in Business Practices and New Unveil for October 2017!

I had this long blog about this pic...but I think its self explanatory. No honor in a business that can't be honest with its customers. One of the hardest things about being in business is that as a business, you always need to take the high road with everybody. You always gotta be the one to take the criticism from customers as well as the things they post. However, I wouldn't burn anyone or for lack of a better way to say it, talk shit, if the proof was not clearly evident. I get emailed by many people who appreciate the products I have produced and I also get a lot of emails from those who have been burned on transactions by other sellers. Not gonna name names since its literally more tha

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