Sigil of Baphomet Sterling Silver .925

It is finally here. Sterling Silver .925 and most importantly, made in the USA. Real professional jewelers and real STERLING SILVER. Certainly nothing questionable here. Pictured here is the digital CAD image of the real thing. Pics will be updated on the listing sometime after this blog posts. The image shows a black bail loop, where the chain would run through but that will also be sterling silver and NOT BLACK. The rest of the blackened areas WILL BE Black. I hesitated to bring a sterling silver pendant to market because the cost of silver has gone up so much since the Great Recession that it sort of priced itself out of the market for most people. This was something I had predicted 5 yea


Well guys, what do you think of the recent news I shared on Facebook/Instagram? Lilith has officially gotten pushed back to much I eventually even started the project all over again! As time passed and the more I looked at the pendant, I just hesitated to get production underway. There was just SOMETHING not complete about the piece. Most of the look felt right. However, since I started looking for artists, I ran some pictures by a friend of mine whom was making a few T-shirts for me. Her husband is quite talented and draws quite well too. Since he had the time, he took the liberty to draw the pendant and he added a few touches that just blew my mind away! Simple touches and changes can rea

Welcome Satanists!

Welcome Satanists! This is one of the features available to MEMBERS. Membership has its privileges! This is MY own spin on social media outside of the social media giants and their ridiculous policies. Not only do they have such crazy policies, privacy is non-existent! Maybe you have not yet been a victim of that second part of that statement, or perhaps you are not even aware of it yet! Whatever the case may be, I felt it was a good idea to provide a place FOR Satanists, BY Satanists. Yeah, I know the site offers products, but how else will this stuff pay for itself? Facebook was not free in the early days either. Grant it, the public did not have to pay for it, SOMEONE DID! Have you not se

The Xerxes Channel

Introducing the new page addition to the website, The Xerxes Channel. First, allow me to talk a little about the MEMBERS pages. The pages are just a nice addition for a few reasons. It serves multiple purposes. For one, its a great way to really socialize with other Satanists OUTSIDE of the social dominance like Facebook. Facebook is a huge and dominating website. It took an army to build and code all its functions. The problem with such a website is that it has many flaws. The site grew so much, so fast that it is bound to have flaws. For one, you are noticing that there is no such thing as privacy with facebook. Someone, somewhere is watching EVERYTHING YOU SHARE. Yeah, it's true. You may

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