Amazon Knock-Offs

Well now, I know some have seen it by now. The knock off versions on Amazon. Let me be clear. I am a little disappointed that manufacturers in China are replicating my works. Grant it, the Seal of Lucifer and Brimstone/Satanic Cross symbols are "open season' but its in the way that they copied the WAY I DESIGNED the symbols to make them pendants on a necklace. That is what is upsetting. Then, they manufactured them using cheap methods that adds nothing to the value of the piece. They are getting away with copying the size and the chain I paired with it too. If you read my recent blog posted, I went into detail about the differences and why I HOPE that you will continue to support this brand.

Baphomet Rising! Satanic Jewelry on the rise and what this means for Satanists.

Nearly 6 years ago, who would have ever thought that Satanic Jewelry would literally be something you can buy and NOT CREATE. Before, and perhaps for decades, people would shop at metaphysical stores, mom and pop shops, or 'pagan' supply stores. You know the type. The kind where they sell a lot of occult books, candles, incense, all basically catering to the "Wiccan" or Pagan communities. Yeah, those were some interesting times. Books on the occult were still rare since these pagan shops tried to portray themselves like a 'white light' religion of sorts, leaning heavily on the right hand path yet claiming to be a witch. This still resonates even today! You will be LUCKY to find a Satanic Bib

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