Baphomet Rising. Pt. 2

The rise in Satanic Jewelry and what this means to you. That was part of the title in the last blog I wrote. There is no doubt about it, since the last blog post that another bump up on occult jewelry is popping up everywhere. Why is this happening? Suddenly, it's not just jewelry, it everything "Satanic" that is coming up on product search engines like AMAZON. Yes, Amazon, the biggest product search engine on the planet. Just one of many these days and the most popular by far. Someone recently told me that Satanism is trending. My immediate reaction was, since when did Satanism become a THING? Satanism has been on the rise with a lot of young people since 2012 when The Satanic Temple began

Getting a bit personal

Hail fellow Satanists! I am off to a slow start this month. Coming into March being a little under the weather and everything coming to halt on some projects I was working on. So...lets just jump into what I came here to do. I recently posted this pic on Instagram and said that if anyone wanted to trade in their older ring for an a newer version that is in stock now (see shop page) I would offer 50% OFF any ring purchase from its original price. The offer still stands and lets say that you want to KEEP the older version...WELL, this is an exclusive offer for those who read this blog. Simply drop me an email with subject line, 50% OFF Ring Offer and let me know what size you would like..ONLY

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