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Important Message: If you have placed an order through the website, Ebay, or Amazon and you have questions regarding your order, PLEASE EMAIL ME: DO NOT COMMENT on Facebook posts regarding your order. 95% of the time, it will go unread. Facebook admins DO NOT handle ordering information and they do not respond to posts like this. Its been 7 years this March since this venture began. Seven years of quality and craftsmanship of our brand and if you don't already know this, the best CUSTOMER SERVICE you will ever know ONLINE! As of recently, I am finding out that the United States Postal Service (USPS) will be making their annual rate adjustments, so needless to say,


I am pleased to announce that Warner Bros. producers of the show 'The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" had contacted me to feature one of the necklaces I created. I wish to personally thank Jen from Kaos Kult, a shop based in Canada for giving me a heads up and making this a possibility. It was through her that I was given a heads up ahead of the actual contact made. I could have simply made a Facebook about this, however, I just can't help bring up the recent past regarding this Netflix show. Many in the Satanic community still remember the famous lawsuit regarding the Sabrina show and a Baphomet Statue. First, I want to clearly make it a point that I do not know all the details on what went

What Satanism Represents

Recently posted on Facebook: Satanism is NOT a lonely hearts club. It's not an organization for self empowerment. I get that you feel that way after reading the Satanic Bible. The Satanic Bible codifies Satanism. It's a religion of the individual (the self, aka the carnal beast) and so much more. To LIVE like a Satanist makes you a Satanist, NOT joining groups that promote self empowerment, self love types, or organizations promoting political agendas, or for that matter a 301(c) non-profit so-called "church". Satanism doesn't love you for being Gay or for that matter straight. Doesn't care if you love or hate. It represents KINDNESS and respect in some cases, that deserves it and not wasted

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