Free Shipping Codes Expire Soon!

They expire at the end of the month.

Take advantage of that AND the lower prices on the pendants. I am transparent how how these are priced. The cost of doing business on Ebay, Amazon, and Envy obviously makes it higher, through my website, I can make special offers occasionally. If you haven't taken a look at the site, take advantage of the limited time offer. I need to make room for new inventory and this is an opportunity to make an offer to all those who have ever looked for a Sigil of Baphomet pendant and found it pricier in other places. This is where its at, I know cause I was one of those people who could never find a pendant I could wear and be proud of it. So I created these and offered them to the rest of the world.

US Free Shipping Code: US-SoB666

International Free Shipping Code: INT-SoB-666

Use when you check out. Email me if you have problems using them. Shipping Codes only good ON THIS SITE. Paypal Payments accepted.

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