New Arrival - The Sigil of Anton LaVey Pendants

They finally arrived! The Sigil of Anton LaVey Pendants are here! They came in last Friday, I came back to Phoenix to review the quality of the pendants. Pendants will ship out this week for those who placed pre-orders. As promised, that is the first thing that gets done before an official listing gets posted. No photo shoot of the pendants, no Ebay or Amazon listings and not on this site, unless you wish to order as soon as possible and get it soon before its listed anywhere. This means act now and it will ship before the week is over. Normally my shipping terms are stated to be 10 days everywhere they are listed. Thank you all who have purchased The Sigil of Baphomet Pendants in the past, I hope you take a look at this one when I finally get a chance to list it and I wish to gain your support once again.

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