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Once in a while, there are orders that ship to places where OUR POSTAL SERVICE cannot ship to OR provide a tracking number. In cases like this, we ship without tracking numbers and most of the time they do arrive. However, its becoming an issue with some buyers who claim they never got the package. I can't prove that it arrived because of the lack of tracking number and I usually ship another one or I refund the payment. In order to prevent future conflicts, IF we are unable to ship through our Postal Services paid through PayPal, we will refund your order. The shipping charge for International Buyers is set for a basic service from our Postal Services here in the U.S. IF we are unable to process it through Paypal, you will be contacted with other options. Other options include Certified Mail and other more secure methods to make sure the package arrives, these additional services also come with a tracking number HOWEVER, they are more expensive. We will provide you with the options available in order for us to ship if they cannot process through Paypal Shipping services...You will have to pay the extra charges or we can simply refund your order.All orders are processed through Paypal and therefore they come with a tracking number. SO once again, if PayPal cannot process a shipping label due to your shipping address (typical in some International purchases) you will be contacted with other options or we can simply refund your purchase.

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