The truth behind the concept

If you found this website you probably saw it from a Facebook advertisement that lead you to the site at some point. This site also has its own Facebook Page. The concept behind the facebook page is a way to be able to track the interests of people whom have shared interests, including The Sigil of Baphomet pendants among other things. Also, I can answer your questions faster in this fashion via Facebook. I can share other images and update the page with discounts, shipping codes and any other pertinent information.

It is also useful for is the FAQ concept. Instead of people posting comments on the site, now you can simply post your question. Recently there were a few people that got on and they made it clear that they were not happy with the pendants. I am fairly open to the idea that is not always going to post positive comments regarding the pendants. So this brings me to what I will say here...

For years, I have longed to find a pendant that represented Satanism. The symbols put together to reform a new package and sold as new again is not a new concept. Its been around since the dawn of time. There was one person who treated the page like it was an open forum to discuss a different topic regarding the history or creation of these symbols.

The concept is easy to understand in today's modern technology. For example, the telephone. Its been around a long time. Every few years or decades, the telephone technology got better and better. Today, we have cell phones and still yet, they get better and better every time.

Its not based on originality. The basic function will always remain the same, they all make phone calls. The difference is what each new phone can do. Its capabilities, that's where the value is!

The Sigil of Baphomet pendants have been sold by many groups over the years...but NONE have capitalized on the CRAFTSMANSHIP AND VALUE that I have done here. The craftsmanship is a respectable one and anyone can understand this if you have long waited to purchase one yourself. I had seen so many over the years but none ever met the quality standard I would PERSONALLY wear around my neck...until I decided to create one. Also, they could not be offered for the price I have them listed for. Its truly unbeatable.

Some were critical over originality. So to clarify, its not a copy The Church of Satan utilizes. Its different if you compare them. They both cater to the concept of representing Satanism. Did we reach out to the Church of Satan? OF COURSE.....It was decided at some point that its best we do our OWN version and offer it to the public. The details of that discussion will remain sealed and its not for public discussion. However, some people got on Facebook pretending to be spokespersons for The Church of Satan...I have made it clear that there is an appropriate approach to conducting professional matters and a public display of angst is definitely not the way. Nor does it show that they are direct resprentatives. Having said that, I welcome any communication with any representative of the Church of Satan any time, as I have done so in the past.

I took a very simple concept of creating pendants of high quality and value. This is what the pendants are SOLD ON more than the meaning they represent, Satanism. Just like the phone, you make it better and sell it again...the pendants represent Satanism, many pendants before have done so, but we sell these on quality and craftsmanship. It's for the Satanist who wants to wear something respectable and not cheap, pewter made versions.

There was also comments placed over our new Sigil of Anton LaVey pendant. I understand that this pendant was originally used by Anton LaVey for personal use. This pendant was not designed to take anything of value from that. Any Satanist would know that Anton LaVey's was clearly large. Our version is smaller and its created for the wearers to HONOR his legacy and what he created when he founded The Church of Satan. Yet despite what I say, there is a critic in every group. But that is the truth behind the concepts of creating these pendants.

Our pendants did not require 'sanctions' or permission from the Church of Satan. We did not use their original design. By comparison, they are different. And that's the end of that. I do not make any claims that directly represent their design nor their approval since it was not needed in this case. People will utilize and wear what best suits them to represent their lifestyle and/or philosophy, including Satanism.

Those who have supported me from the beginning, I thank you all...despite SOME criticism, the numbers do not lie. People are appreciative of what I have provided the public. As long as there are still supporters, I will continue to create new projects that will reflect Satanism.

Ave Satanas!


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