The Satanic Temple

The Satanic Temple has recently been making news across the country. It's been an organization I've kept an eye on. I checked out their website when a buyer suggested I take a look at it. I believe in their recent effortst that have made news across the country recently. Upon taking a look at their website, I thought it was quite informative and I read about some of their other news-worthy causes. This really impressed me.

Then I came across some of their items they offer up for sale. Again, I thought it was very good stuff. Definitely something worthy of taking a look at again in the future for a purchase. However, on this particular day, I was doing some research and I was in that mode. Then it caught my eye that they do not have pendants. Something I sort of specialize in, if you haven't already noticed.

Now, my current design is just a foundation. Theirs are more towards what their organization represents, which is Satanism AND it also reflects THE SATANIC TEMPLE iteself. I thought it was a brilliant design in which it serves both purposes. They are definitely a stand-alone organization.

Since they did not have a pendant yet, I had decided to reach out to them and offer up some of what I can do. I have the networks that can produce the pendants. Since I already have my own made for this very site, I figured I would offer up a deal for them if they are interested in giving me permission to use their logo. In return, I can give them a royalty, which is like saying a percentage of the sale of each.

The intention here is to offer something for the members, future members, and supporters of The Satanic Temple something more. The pendant would be a great addition.

I reached out to them and we are slowly beginning to have a discussion. If you are a member or a supporter and would like to see this pendant come to life, please let me know. Post your comments down below OR on the site's facebook page.

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