The Satanic Temple Pendant - Last Call???

Its hard to say whether or not they wish to have this produced. I know from my own experience in the past that it took me a long time to produce the Sigil of Baphomet pendants.

For starters, its hard to find the resources to manufacture this pendant. I COULD have gone to China, where they are KNOWN for manufacturing just about everything sold in America. However, I needed to make it here because WE KNOW what we expect from a pendant like this, nothing short of the best quality and craftsmanship! Not only that but since the Church of Satan was founded in America AND the fact that it brought Satanism to the main stream per say....or as some would have said better, 'above ground', it only felt appropriate to create the Sigil of Baphomet pendants.

In the recent past, I mentioned that I reached out to The Satanic Temple regarding my willingness to produce this pendant. I think their image is splendid and it has gained many supporters. I figured it would have been a great way to provide its membership something they currently did not have and also any supporters that simply want to show their support for the philosophy of Satanism.

All in all, I did all I could do for now. I reached out to them, even created a digital image of what the pendant will look like when its finished...HOWEVER...I cannot stress is enough to say TIME AND TIME AGAIN...that digital images do no justice like the real thing. Once these are made, they will have a better quality than the Sigil of Baphomet pendants I currently offer. Why is this? Cause I felt they deserve better. I support The Satanic Temple and UNLIKE The Church of Satan when I reached out to them, they were in the media recently when no one else was fighting back the Christian Right! On top of all that, anyone buying one of their pendants would have asked for the best their money can buy. And why not?

I left everything open for them to reach out and get a hold of me. These things are not easy to create. First comes the resources...if you can't find them, you go nowhere. Then there's the nature of the pendant. Many companies rejected me when I approached them with my design ideas. They don't want to attract controversy by creating Satanic pendants, its that simple. Heck...I tried creating a RING of the Sigil of Baphomet IN CHINA and would you believe it if I told you that they turned me down after getting the design details?

Anyhow...I am not sure why The Satanic Temple has not yet reached out to me. My take was perhaps they are busy and got too much going on. However, I gave it enough least, I felt that way...So for now, I am literally calling this 'Last Call?' with a question mark.

I have stated that everyone that hit 'Like' on FB that they also reach out to The Satanic Temple and let them know that you would like to see this come to life. I have all the resources and funding to start production. I DON'T necessarily need to sell these on MY SITE....HOWEVER, I would have liked to of been their supplier, definitely!

Either way it goes, we both could have made some arrangement to take a step forward so that its membership and supporters can have something to wear, Proudly!

I would still look forward to hearing from them...I have new pendants rolling out before the year ends...This pendant would have been a PRIORITY if they would have given me a licensed right to use the design OR if they wished for me to create this to supply them directly for them.

Now I have come close to conclude that perhaps this will not be a least NOT YET anyway...My direct number was sent, email address, and EVEN facebook pages.....what else could I have done? I am still standing by..

If you are supporter of The Satanic Temple, drop them a line, let them know what you think of the pendant idea. OR let ME know what your thoughts are on this?

This might be the last I post regarding this, as its seemingly becoming apparent to me that the idea is slowly a dying matter now.

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