The Sigil of Baphomet RING!!

I made a phone call today and discovered that I may have struck gold! There's a chance that THE SIGIL OF BAPHOMET RING will come to life after all!!

NOW>...there is only a CHANCE!! Details to come regarding this as I asked for some sample pics to be sent for me to review. Then I will likely submit my idea and see what happens from there.

On another note...Next Month; IF NOT, by the end of THIS MONTH (JUNE) I will roll out the next project to commence: The Satanic Cross! I will try to keep the price around the same as the other pendants AROUND 24.95. It may appear like there's not much to it but the holes in the design add an additional cost to create them. I will ask they be produced with Black Color ...Now here is the tricky part...and since past buyers have supported new pendants, I will ask for a little help on this...IF you purchased a Baphomet Pendant AND a LaVey Sigil pendant will see the difference in the color technique used. Cloisonne technique is used on the Baphomet Pendant...that is pretty much PERMANENT. You would have to slam it with a hammer to crack it, otherwise, its not going anywhere....on the LaVey Sigil Pendant, the Black Color is Soft Enamel. Its the next best thing...its a resin, heated slightly lower than the Cloisonne Technique but you can see how there is a chance it could come off over time...NOW...DON'T GET ME WRONG HERE>...On that LaVey pendant, the spaces are small, therefore, the method used there WORKS GREAT! On the Satanic Cross - the surface is literally ALL BLACK! begs the question...which would be best to have? Soft Enamel requires a thicker cut of the metal...just like the Baphomet Pendant...and therefore it also adds a little weight...The baphomet pendant, has a lighter metal...very thin, doesn't need much metal. To apply the Soft Enamel coloring, the metal is thick because it needs to be carved into a little to apply the color ...Just examine the two if you have purchased both. Give me an idea of what you think would work best. I will consider all opinions and eventually make a decision and get it into production.

Production of the Satanic Cross will start soon...Pre-Order Introductory Sale will be offered. ONLY on THIS SITE. Afterwards, it rolls out on Ebay, Amazon, etc...

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