The Satanic Cross - Update on The Satanic Temple - New Ideas in the WORKS!

If you have been following me on Facebook then you will likely have already gotten word AHEAD of anyone else who is reading this blog for the first time or perhaps if they haven't checked in a long time.

I am going into production mode for the month of July. At some point, I finalize the final draft and all the details. I prepare a few statements publically and roll out a PRE-ORDER special.

Now...Some may wonder why I do this...the answer is simple. I do not make a living off these pendants. You gotta be kidding yourself if you honestly think I have a massive distribution company set up where these are sold anywhere and everywhere. Fact is, I am the ONLY person making these and selling these. If you have not read past posts and blogs regarding my motivation for making these pendants is really simple. The short story is, FOR YEARS the quality did not exist when there WAS at least a handful of people making these. Over the course of time, I researched and found my sources that could make these possible. I invested my money with the only real hope of just regaining my initial investment. Since then, anything extra gets rolled over to make new pendants. In most cases, its restocking, making new sizes and last but not least, rolling out new designs never done before.

Now...moving past the little history lesson...If you are ALSO a follower on my Facebook page and will recall that I had attempted to make a new design for the Satanic Temple. On two separate occasions, I made contact with them but to no avail.

I am not sure what exactly it is that may or may not keep them so busy as to reach out and strike a deal. Perhaps they felt that can find the sources to do these themselves. If that's the case, best of luck. I hope that they have read my blogs regarding the troubles I face in just having the Sigil of Baphomet RING done. It's nothing short of FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE!!

I mean seriously! IT'S damn near impossible to get a manufacturer to create it. Money has no voice when it comes to them not wantint to associate with what the ring would represent. The same applies for the pendants. Some manufacturers do not want to associate with the creation of what they might feel is against their beliefs. Think of it this way...its Christian America, should I really be surprised?

Now comes the fact that I will put The Satanic Temple pendants on the back burner for now. I gave them the open door and even considered fronting the funds necessary to fund a large project like this. I am talking about mass production because they have a sustantially large following and I am sure their membership would want to purchase one. I have the means and ability to meet that demand. However, lack of communication has ceased the moment. The moment has died in me for now. I will bring it to life once again in the near future.

With that said, Summer is here and it was time to make a new pendant that so many people have asked for. I have been aggressively pushing sales of the Baphomet pendants so as to fund this new Satanic Cross pendant and MORE! YES...THERE IS MORE COMING!!

SO here is a taste of what's to come...For now...The Satanic Cross...word is officially out on that. Then...the video that I placed on the home page, THAT PENDANT WILL BE NEXT!!

I have also decided to no longer restock the Sigil of Baphomet Pendants currently in the inventory as I plan on creating a much heavier version down the road...with the Cloisonne technique for its color and as I said before...making it last a lifetime! GUARANTEED!

The new Sigil of Baphomet Pendants will MOST LIKELY cost more...but here is the reason why...and perhaps you readers can post comments regarding this idea...On one side, Traditional Black...the other side WILL can be RED, BLUE, whatever!

SO it will be a double-sided pendant...basically it will be like buying two pendants instead of one...SOUND GOOD? IF this idea doesn't appeal to the fan base, please let me know. I can also scribe it with lettering...FOR LEGAL REASONS I CANNOT PLACE SIGIL OF BAPHOMET PENDANTS AND...WITH AN EMPHASIS ON 'AND' the words Church of Satan...TOGETHER ON MY SITE OR ON ANYTHING...I SIMPLY CANNOT PUT THEM TOGETHER ANYWHERE...NOR COULD I ADVERTISE IT THAT WAY ...

So getting back on what I was saying...I can put some wording on the double sided pendant with some old-enlish style lettering or what have you. Do I make my point yet??

So those are just ideas...the new versions I intend to make will be heavier, very solid...and can be double sided. I can even make them with some texture..meaning like having them have a 3D look to them. You commonly see this on pewter baphomet pendants...of course, MY version will not be made of pewter. This separates the pro's from the amatures.

IF I do not roll out the new version of the Sigil of Baphomet pendants, I will likely continue to make them avaible in the current format with additional colors. Green will be next but it will not be like a neon green. I have seen a few floating around on Ebay that have this neon green look to them...mine will be more like a Forest Green...a little darker to appeal for the Satanist wearing it.

Pink for the ladies...yes...Pink in 1 inch would be another and perhaps in the 1.5 inch version as well...however...this is based on whether or not I can fund creating a newer version with better grade and quality.

They will likely be offered in only one size..and I am thinking slighly larger than 1 inch...maybe 1.5 inch.

Moving forward...

I also have the desire for making The Sigil of Baphomet into cufflinks.....however...I need feedback...I will post about this idea soon. I can make a limited supply and they will come in a flip-box, black bottom, clear top. Any comments on this idea as well?

This is enough to take me into the following year...Any serious investors wanting to do a joint venture can also feel free to reach me and we can discuss this further then.

Thank you all who have purchased these amazing pendants. Even I get impressed when I get them in hot off the press! Its fucking amazing that I can even come up with this stuff in the quality that I get them in. Then again, I should pat myself on the back. I put in alot of research, time, and money into bringing this to life. It was a risk worth taking.

Stay Tune within the days and weeks regarding the newest addition coming soon...The Satanic Cross!

Hail Satan!

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