The Satanic Cross - a contigency that needs feedback from supporters.

I am considering offering a Pre-Order Sale but with a specific contingency. Most of you know I am pretty transparent about how I have been building the site and the inventory. I roll over everything made from sales to create new items. Because this pendant is rather pricy to create, I would am considering offering a PRE-ORDER SALE on the contingency that I get enough funds to put this into production. IF the amount needed to create the pendant is not met (just to create it) then I shall refund everyone's order OR if I can invest the difference then I can surely do that as well. The expense is in the CUTS around the pendant. See how the T-bars sort of create a hole between them? Craftsmanship to cut these out on a mass order gets pricier. Not only that, to cut some of the expense, I am considering making them Soft Enamel, which is a STEP lower in quality than Cloisonne that I used on the Baphomet pendant. Soft Enamel allows for use of a thicker metal to be it some weight. Since the pendant will be 1.5 inches, I thought it would be ideal for the weight. The Soft Enamel technique is enamel baked INTO the metal at a lower temperature than the Cloisonne technique (pronounced Cloy-Son-Nay)....SO I would like some feedback on this..does this sound ideal? Those who have supported my site by purchasing these pendants, this is YOUR PENDANT....I created this because I was tired of not seeing enough material that Satanists could use. TOO many cheap pewter pendants and jewelry out there. I wanted to see something I could wear with HONOR. I can only do it with the support I get. I invested my own money to get it started, from there, the funds collected have kept the ball rolling since. Let me know...would this be a good idea? Pre-Order Special will be $18.00 + FREE SHIPPING, lowest I can possibly go and it SHOULD attract people to purchase, after production $24.95 PLUS SHIPPING ON EBAY AND AMAZON....will likely be $20.00 PLUS SHIPPING on my website. I anticipate these to be ready MID-JULY.

If you are new to the site, please follow me on Facebook. Click the FB logo that directs you to it. Following me on Facebook has its advantages as they get the news on the best prices coming from the site. Amazon and Ebay come with higher prices for one simple fact. They charge to do business through them. While I enjoy the exposure through them, its unfortunate that I would have to compensate the expenses by placing higher pricing through them too.

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