All Past Buyers of Pendants

I wanted to take the time to make something that MIGHT go wrong with the pendants.

It had been recently discovered that the pendants are created by my manufacturer told me that they are made from Copper and Brass alloy.

From personal experience, I am aware that cheap silver is usually made with a copper alloy. The cheap part of silver is that sometimes the copper is MORE in the mix than SILVER is. While this makes silver more affordable, it causes one major problem. It can turn your skin green!

This type of phenomenon typically happens when someone wears a cheap silver necklace. So what is the significance here? Although the pendants are NOT made of Silver, they do have a copper mixture in them. THEREFORE, there is no likelihood that your chest will turn green since these pendants tend to be worn outside of shirts...HOWEVER, then there are people who tuck it in and never take it off. You also have others that shower with it. This is where things begin to take affect with it comes to copper.

Body chemistry reacts to copper. In silver, one's skin usually turns green. In this case, it will not turn your skin let me place this in caps...IT WILL NOT TURN YOUR SKIN GREEN!!!

What it will DO is that the pendant will show signs of rust...SPECIFICALLY IN THE BACK SIDE.

I was not aware of this factor until I also started to wear one myself without ever taking it off and yes, I even showered with it on. Eventually the pendant MIGHT DISCOLOR...mine did not show discoloration HOWEVER the back-side of the pendant DID show some discoloration and it appeared to have a tarnish that I could not take off.

Since many of you were supporters of my pendants, I HAVE been working hard on this issue and came up with a VERY SIMPLE solution.

After researching cheap silver as a comparison, I discovered a tip from someone who wrote about and placed it on some site. If the jewelry is coated with ACRYLIC, then that creates a barrier between human contact AND other elements like water. This also gives it a SHINE that makes it appear like NEW even its been worn a while.

I wanted to make sure that everyone whom has purchased one and whom is still following me on facebook knows that I do my best to bring the best customer service possible especially for a pendant as this. It should be taken care of and treated rightfully.'s my proposal. IF ANYONE wishes to return their pendant, tarnished or not, I can apply an even coat of acrylic and ship it back. The acrylic is a clear coat and you will not notice that it has been coated. About the only thing that IS noticeable is that its shinier than ever before.

Also, IF YOU HAVE A PENDANT that already shows signs of tarnish, feel free to send it back to me and I will ship you a new one that WILL have the clear coat. This new addition to the production WILL make the pendant last a long time. I would still not recommend showering with it but honestly, I don't think it will be affected as much with the new addition added to it to protect it and make it last even longer.

NOW....During that process of returning your pendant AND if you wish to PURCHASE ANOTHER ONE too, I will offer a VERY SPECIAL OFFER of JUST $5 for any additional pendants during this process. All you gotta do is email me and I can send a Paypal invoice...then I can wait for your returned pendant for replacement OR to add the coat of acrylic and send it back with the new purchase.

Its the least I can do to assure that this pendant will survive a long time. Many people live in the East or West coast where its a humid environment and these pendants MIGHT react to that as well.

Thanks for reading....I will be standing by for any responses coming my way regarding this.

Have yourself a Dark Day!


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