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Just like I have had some supporters for the creation of the Sigil of Baphomet pendants. I am also interested in supporting others.

I recently added a page of essays written by a supporter. He is a good writer and his views are interesting to read. Simply keeping this site as a market place for pendants didn't like it was enough. There are others out there whom are looking for an audience base. There are also other Facebook pages where they are utilized as forums for discussions regarding what is going on in today's times.

For months now, many of us have also noticed the media reporting on The Satanic Temple's efforts to be the voice for Satanists around the world. In America, we represent the type of freedoms many people only wished they had in their country. Including the right to be open about your religion no matter how obscure it may seem to others who hate Satanism.

Their lack of education and their fear taught to many from an early age in life is what has kept Satanism AND other religions to remain underground for a lifetime! What the Satanic Temple is doing is become the voice and the strong arm for change. They are literally pioneers in educating and changing the culture of a suppressed society dictated by Christianity.

That being said, we had reached out to them before about creating a pendant for them. Its a slow process and communication is rather extremely slow at this point. Aside from that, I hope that some of you check out the essays written by a support of this site and visit his Facebook page as well. The link called Essays in the menu is where there is a short piece already in place.

From time to time, once a month or so, I will be placing more of his material on this blog and make a permanent space for some of his future works. Since he has been a strong supporter or ours, we will also be doing the same in return.

Also, I recently disovered these youtube videos from a young lady who seems to make the videos that are informative and educational. I would first like to simply share this video....if anyone knows who she is, please let her know that we are sharing her videos right here on this site. I hope that perhaps we can also make a permanent space for some of her material as well.

If you follow me on facebook, you will realize that I also have a new pendant coming out. Its the re-design of the Sigil of Baphomet Pendant. It will take some time to create new sizes and colors but over the course of time, I will know if the demand is there for the new design. I think its a very good depiction and perhaps better than the traditional look. The old version is getting out-dated. Its time to really break out the good stuff by now..

The new pendants are already in production, they will arrive in about 2 weeks. From that point on, the price will go up. Its perhaps the most expensive pendant and the absolute highest quality I can ever produce. This is it people, the best of the best starts and ends with me.

I am also working on rolling out the much anticipated Satanic Cross...perhaps by early September I will have them out of production. A Pre-Sale is likely, so that everyone can jump in on the low price. I never know how to price them until I get them in and see them for myself. I do pre-sales so that I can stir up demand and spread the word. I start with a low price I know will be far less than what it will likely be when I get them in. Plus, I do this because many of my supporters would appreciate it. I do not care so much about making money off the sales...I haven't yet. Each time I get anything, I roll it over to make a new pendant, in a new size, color, or even design. This is the SATANIST'S WEBSITE...the supporters basically keep it alive and going. It needed to be done and for so long, it never was...until I got fed up and finaly did it myself!

Please check out the site's FB page if you haven't already and LIKE US to stay updated on new pendants, pricing, and all that madness. Thanks everyone...Dark Blessings to all! Hail Satan!

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