Quality Matters!

The Re-Design of the Sigil of Baphomet is in production. Its been one week since it began. Typically its a 2 week turn around. The PRE-ORDER price is set at the EXTREMELY LOW PRICE OF $17.95. This pendant had been the talk of the Facebook page for a long time since since many of you have viewed the video on the home page. Many had asked if I will ever re-create that version. The answer is finally out! I DID and its definitely coming!

The specs are a little different in THIS case. I am making a recreation of that version shown. Almost identical but because this IS the Sigil of Baphomet WEBSITE...QUALITY MATTERS!

The pendant will be made of a heavier metal, likely Nickel. It will also utilize the Cloisonne coloring technique as it is mentioned on the site on a separate page. The HIGHEST standards available. No other methods can be better. This new design, definitely deserved that.

Also, like ALL my pendants, they do not have the hole running through the design itself. If you took a good look at the pendant featured in the video, the bail loop literally runs through the design itself. I never understood why they designed it that way. It could be avoided. Having such a hole run through the design like that, I felt, it personally took away from the image. Almost like a design flaw. The Satanist deserves better!

The pendant will also be a large 2 inches in Diameter...when I say this, I also mean to include the extention of the bail loop. Its two inches from the pendants longest points. Some of you have requested that I made them smaller. I hear you on this. However, the 2 inch versions that I roll out first are typically meant for those who want them large enough for ritual. In most cases, however, many want it for the flashiness. The large version definitely stands out above the rest. Its noticeable from a distance and you can see more definite details up close.

Eventually, I WILL have a 1.5 inch size. I do not think I will make them any smaller with the 2-tone version. New sizes and colors will also come to life over the course of time. However, this new re-design will have the 2-tone colored version for one size for now, 2 inches and eventually a 1.5 inch size. Afterwards, pendants will appear in 1-tone colors. Such colors will be in Black, Red, Blue, White, and PINK....Purple pendants currently in stock for the 1.5 inch have proven somewhat unpopular. I want to create the colors and sizes that are in demand.

This site is where the Satanists come to shop for their pendant needs. I am the ONLY website currently in existence that has this many and in this variety to offer. Having the support from Satanists around the world can only mean one thing, I plan to stay and build on new inventory. All SUGGESTIONS, IDEAS, DESIGNS, COMMENTS, ETC..ARE READ AND I RESPOND TO EVERYONE!

If you have anything to suggest, comment, or want to share some topics or turn our facebook page into a forum for discussion, please feel free. This facebook page is open the Dark Masses. Initially, it was created to get the word out on what I set out to do. I believe I have already achieved that. The rest is up to you. Its your site, your page. Let me know what direction to take with these pendants. Am I on the right path? (or rather left, I should say).

What are your thoughts on the Sigil of Anton LaVey Pendant? Since I created it, it has been a number one seller. Many people love it! I personally love it myself. I am the ONLY person in the world today that has it in this quality and craftsmanship. No other pendant can come close.

What are your thoughts on that? I'd like to hear from you.

Thank you all for your support. I hope to continue to bring new pendants in the future. The next pendant to come out will be The Satanic Cross...due to be out by End of August...Production will begin sometime After August 15th or just prior to that date.

Hail Satan!


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