Ring Project Rejected!

This was the rejection email regarding the ring of the Sigil of Baphomet Design I had submitted. The guy I dealt with was truly open for "Business" but it was the people he had to go through that sort of halted the project. I will also post the Response after getting this:


I mentioned nothing about your organization, religion, etc. Just the file with the round logo and this in the email subject: ‘PATTERN TOOL QUOTE - 16mm diameter flat signet’. I was surprised how ‘sensitized/familiar’ to this kind of content this person was.

I also went to the website, but other than being a little confused about what it was, did not find anything offensive racially, ethnically against anyone. But that’s me. I have done many jobs for many other religious organizations.

Now that you have a ‘feel’ for the kind of content we can work together on, let me know if there are any other (less controversial) designs we could work in the future.

Thank you,



You're a good business man. I like your style and the way we negotiated. I hope your colleagues are aware that religious discrimination is illegal. I'm happy to also say, I won't sue. If I did, it wouldn't be for monetary gain but for religious acceptance.......(edited out some portion here)...

what I do is create markets where they don't exist. I also do a little Web design and marketing consulting for small businesses. Anyway. ..I hope that the people wake up to the reality of what they just did. I'm a little disappointed but I anticipated it from our previous conversation via phone call.

I hope that they do not deal with the Satanic Temple Organization from New York. ..I'm sure you've followed the news coming out of Oklahoma regarding that organization.....but like I said before. I deal with everyone from a business standpoint and not a religious one. But I do believe in right to express your religion or ideology even if I hate it sometimes but business is another topic. I don't believe in discrimination on any level , religious or not.

Sir, your an excellent man, trust me. We can still make a deal in the future on different designs. ...for now, forward this message to your colleagues. They should be more careful in their choice words next time. Next time, it might not be me they deal with.

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