The NEW Sigil of Baphomet Pendant - A NEW STANDARD in Satanism

The New Sigil of Baphomet Pendants have arrived! Most of you who have followed my facebook page for this site saw the process through from the time I announced it til the time I created a digital image and now the reality of that digital image.

The simple fact is, reality is always better than digital imagery. I guarantee my work will satisfy everyone who holds some doubt as to how great these pendants turn out to be. It all started a year and a half ago with the 2 inch version of the Original Sigil of Baphomet design. Since launching the website ONE YEAR AGO THIS MONTH! I was hit with requests for the SOB pendant featured in the VIDEO Posted on the homepage. IF you have not seen it, I recommend it. If anything, watch it briefly for the pendants in question.

This was MY recreation of THAT pendant featured...HOWEVER, it is NOT a COPY of that pendant. About the only idea that I got from it was the two tone colors. That sprung new ideas to want to recreate the image of baphomet itself. I wanted MORE details in the image. More detail in the areas that needed color WITHIN the image AND I wanted weight to the pendants. When I started out with the original design, it was all based on budget...but since I have gained enough supporters, I rolled over the funds needed to create something with more weight, quality, and craftsmanship. TRULY the BEST BAPHOMET PENDANT IN EXISTENCE TODAY WORLD-WIDE!

There has never been a pendant/medallion in THIS SIZE IN THIS quality and craftsmanship EVER! I am the first and only to bring this to the Dark Market. This is STILL the begining.

I will likely create more pendants in this quality and detail in the future. For now, this sets the new standards to heights NEVER before reached by anyone who's ever created Sigil of Baphomet Pendants.

NEW Pendants will be coming out shortly. Some by popular demand, others just for the sake of adding new colors to the original design in different sizes. The OLD SIGIL OF BAPHOMET PENDANTS in the 2 inch will no longer be produced. The NEW design will remain and price will increase as it was an expensive peice to produce. The reason the price is nearly HALF right now, is for all those who had SUPPORTED ME and MY SITE by purchasing one before and sharing the pics and commenting. This offer is exclusive for those who are still following me and I kept it open in case they have other Satanists in mind that might want to jump in on the chance to get one at this amazing price. I do this to SAY A BIG THANKS to ALL THOSE WHO LIVE Dark LIVES Everywhere. Champions of RELIGIOUS FREEDOM!

I will never be under cut on quality and creativity. The new standard is SET. The Church of Satan SHOULD contact me and thank me for what I have brough to the Dark Market. Its with individuals like myself and The Satanic Temple that keep Freedom of Religion alive and well. People may not always agree with others, but there is a right that exists in this country that should be respected. The right to live in Darkness.

Thank You Everybody...lock in that purchase now and save alot down the road. Eventually this pendant will reach $49.95. It is currently set at $24.95

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