Daisy Chain for Satan...

Since the release of the NEW Sigil of Baphomet pendant. I began offering it with a nice ball chain that I personally picked out and would work with the pendant. Its not silver because, quite frankly, silver is hard to come by and gets expensive fast.

This ball chain is a little more styling than what most of us are used to seeing, like that of the typical ceiling fan cord or something to that effect. This one is more respectable and to be honest, if I wouldn't wear it myself, I would not offer it.

These chains will also be offered for the Satanic Temple Pendantsl when they arrive any moment now...guess this week sometime.

Also, future pendants will include a chain with every purchase. If anyone is interested in having a chain, it will be listed on our shop page. The charge basically covers the cost of the envelope and stamp. I will only charge $2.50 no extra. That would include the chain and the cost to ship. For anyone wanting to purchase extra chains with a purchase of a pendant (which the pendants will include a chain) then I will only charge $1.00 per chain.

SEPTEMBER IS AMONG US....If you ever considered purchasing a pendant...this would be the MONTH to do so...I would like to clear out some of the inventory. The 2 inch BLACK is officially SOLD OUT and there are NO plans to RE-CREATE the pendant. I am ONLY considering recreating it in the new standard set by the creation of my recent Baphomet pendant which has a higher quality look and feel. Definitely worth the price for all that it entails. New pendants will likely be in one single color and in one smaller size...I am thinking either 1 inch or 1.25 inch. All other pendants will eventually sell out or I will simply discontinue it to make room for new HIGHER QUALITY versions.

So now that it is SEPTEMBER...ACT NOW while you still can..the price of the Satanic Cross will likely change this week since I am considering making some changes on the quality it will be made in. This might cost a little more. Pre-Sale Pricing is based on the LOW END I COULD EVER ASK FOR on a price of the pendants. 9 times out of 10, when they arrive, they are re-evaluated and the price is increased to adjust for last minute changes in production and added expenses in shipping, production, etc...

Now you know...Production of the Satanic Cross goes into effect this week. Be ready for it!


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