Looking for a Few Dark Artists...

Looking for a Few Dark Aritsts...

Yes, the time has come...at last, Thanks TO many Supporters world-wide, the Sigil of Baphomet Pendants have reached a new milestone in quality and craftsmanship NEVER BEFORE created!

In the recent month or so, you have seen the newly created Baphomet Pendants made of Nickel...the price is definitely fair for something that you will carry with you, always! The piece that never was....until I got tired of never seeing something I would personally purchase UNLESS I made it myself.

The most recent peice is the Satanic Cross that I have revealed a very primitive picture of what it looks like. More professional pics to come this weekend. I have already received a few Pre-Orders that wanted to lock in their price. I personally review the pieces before I place a final value on these. Once they come off the production line, I get them sent to me and I inspect the quality and what I feel is a fair market value. I am not on here to rake anyone over on the pricing. The intent is to be fair and justified. I take much pride and honor on the comments I recieve from those who appreciate these creations.

So now the time comes to recreate the Baphomet Pendants for a smaller size. The most recent one, a 2 inch size in black and red with gold trimmings, is definitely flashy. Its large and it was intended for ritual purposes. Not only is it good for ritual but good for that special occasion when you want to make an entrance. I pesonally wore it on a night out and it drew much attention. Lots of people stared and approached. They knew from distance that the quality represented something serious. This was not your ordinary piece of shit from Spencers Gift Stores, this was The Sigil of Baphomet! So with that came the idea to start recreating EVERYTHING ELSE. But first, I wanted to create the Satanic Cross which is officially done. Now comes the time to rereate the Baphomet Pendant but with something that can be worn DAILY! This is important because the 2 inch is definitely for a special occasion or a night out. NOT something that can be worn daily.

We are living in great times for Satanism in America. The Satanic Temple has also allowed me to create their Logo Pendant (which they now have currently listed on their site)...that pendant is also pretty impressive on the quality side. I highy recommend it at as well. However, having said this many times, people still demand a smaller size for that every day wearer. The type of person who WANTS TO BE ABOVE GROUND with Satanism! This is where the 1.5 inch size OR perhaps a 1 inch size comes into play. The 2 inch size has lots of detail...I think I would personally want to see something a little toned down on the details WITHIN the image but enough to make it very detailed enough and to show the craftsmanship that is hard to recreate by ANY jeweler!

If anyone out there has ideas, or can draw a new Baphomet pendant, I would like to hear from you. There is something in it for the person who wants to work something out. You can even take a Baphomet image off a Google Search and modify it to make it your own, sort of speak. My understanding of copyright laws when it comes to images, is that it only takes a 20% change for it to be legal. There is a reason why in pictures or movies the discretion is given that characters or images may resemble but not relate to the people or images represented, this is basic clause to separate people's intent on suing over what they may percieve as their own work. The Church of Satan DOES NOT OWN BAPHOMET. THE IMAGE OR OTHERWISE. THEY ONLY OWN THE WORDS "CHURCH OF SATAN" so an IMAGE WITH>>>WITH >>>WITH>>>ok, did I say WITH? Yes I DID.. IMAGE WITH THE WORDS "CHURCH OF SATAN" would be considered infringement. SO NOW YOU KNOW...for all those critics out there, FUCK YOU and now you know the truth.

Another diffeence between this website and the COS site, I can say FUCK YOU...ha ha ha...gotta love blogging right? Anyhow...SUPPORT The Satanic Temple, Support them by buying a Logo Pendant, they were created by the owner of THIS SITE: SigilofBaphomet.Com by supporting them, you support this site too. Hail Satan!

Look for a VERY SPECIAL OFFER in the Month of October.

Dark Days are coming!

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