Clarifying the Truth...

Apparently I still find myself with the need to clarify something. Baphomet is NOT OWNED by The Church of Satan! The misconception that people have is based on their inability to understand what the law says versus what THEIR website says. THEIR website actually states that the IMAGE of the Sigil of Baphomet WITH...OK more time...WITH!!! With the WORDS: Church of Satan is not legal unless granted "permission". My website clearly states that The Church of Satan USES the Sigil of Baphomet image..since they do not own it. Its that simple. Baphomet has been around for THOUSANDS of became popular because the Church of Satan used it often. However...having said all this...IF they wanted to stay relevant they should be DOING what The Satanic Temple is doing. THAT ORGANIZATION is doing MORE for PUBLIC SERVICE than The Church of Satan has ever done. I respect what they did since 1966 and on through the 1980's but since the passing on Anton LaVey, they have become dormant. Satanists embraced the fact that FINALLY, SOME FUCKIN BODY came up with the idea that its about DAMN time Baphomet pendants came above ground with the respectability and grade it deserved..something done with PRIDE, QUALITY, AND CRAFTSMANSHIP! EVEN THE SATANIC TEMPLE sanctioned permission to allow me to develop their Logo Pendant. Its NOT ABOUT WHO SELLS IT, ITS ABOUT the fact that SOMETHING is created that is worth making and sharing with the rest of the Satanic community. They are a force to be reckoned with, which is MUCH more than what The Church of Satan can say for itself these days. Next time, I get asked the question "Do you have permission? Was it sanctioned? Do you have license rights, etc?" Here's the short answer: Fuck you and your misguidance of the truth. Suddenly, everyone is a spokesperson. If that's the case, start doing something more productive for a change. What are you doing to change the world? Nothing! Like The Church of Satan...Join the real movement, The Satanic Temple...purchase THEIR pendant, wear it proudly and publicly! You don't see The Church of Satan doing much, especially what I have created, Baphomet pendants. Something that people have been wanting for decades! Not some cheesy inverted pentagram from Spencers Gifts Stores or Pewter-made bullshit. These pendants are the real deal! PRIDE, QUALITY, CRAFTSMANSHIP, and I do not need permission from anyone!

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