When competing with the Sigil of Baphomet website, make sure you do research first.

For some time now, I have dealt with a guy who recently came into the E-commerce scene with some UNORIGINAL IDEAS of his own, much of what included Baphomet Pendants. Now, I never stated that I was original, I definitely wasn't. I made it clear time and time again that I created baphomet pendants because I could never find something I WOULD buy and wear with pride. I wanted my piece to be equisitely impressive and beautiful. That is what I set out to do and that is what I accomplished. Also, I STILL strive to improve the Baphomet pendants I began creating. In today's blog, you will take notice that I have posted a couple of pictures this time. Normally I place ONLY ONE...today I had to do three to make my point.

This guy I refer to will not be mentioned by name, but HE WILL come to THIS SITE and read this, I KNOW THIS. HOW? Because he's been coming to my site with the intent to discredit my quality and craftsmanship of my pendants. This guy lacks alot of business ettiquette. He also lacks MARKETING SKILLS. His tactics are to discredit the competition so as to make himself and his site look like it's a stand alone site of quality and craftsmanship. Something which he does not have. Grant it, I am sure there have been SOME buyers and supporters of his items. I welcome competition, after all, I enjoy my work to speak for itself and I KNOW that its the best in the world right now. His only original pieces are coins. They look good. I could do a few myself and I KNOW I would be able to make them BETTER...but that's not my market. I didn't set out to create coins. I set out to create pendants of the highest quality.

This individual comes around placing his comments and web address on MY business space. My site offers a place to make comments that is linked to your facebook page. Its a truly OPEN forum, unlike his site (which will not get a free press here either) where he asks that you email your comments before they get posted. When you are unsure of your own product, this is a tactic used to keep out the negative comments. I welcome the critics so long as they do not try to advertise. There IS a difference. Also, today I finally decided to visit this individual's site. TO my SHOCKING surprise, I saw that he took some photos of models that had done some shoots WITH MY ORIGINAL Baphomet pendants. The FACE of the pendant was DEFINITELY ONE OF MINE! The fact that its also one of the ORIGINAL 2 INCH Pendants that I am no longer selling, leads me to believe that this individual doesn't do what is KNOWN IN BUSINESS as Market Research...which is self explanatory here. Research. He didn't do any. Those pendants the models are wearing ARE AND WERE created by ME, OWNER OF THE SIGIL OF BAPHOMET WEBSITE and PENDANTS.

Someone who claims that I am so unoriginal definitely has his work cut out for him if he every wants to update his website. I personally enjoy the fact that I can definitely TAKE THESE PICS and USE THEM AS MY OWN, after all, THOSE ARE MY PENDANTS....therefore, Legally I can use the image as a representation of my work on display. He who is using it on HIS site, you are officially welcomed to endorse my work! Its a trap you sort of fell into on your own.

I am the ONLY Baphomet Pendant creator ever to have made a 2 inch version. None have been able to create a pendant that big and offer it at a respectable price. I know the production is expensive and there is a need to charge a certain price but I have also made it clear in the past, that I have yet to claim a real profit from my work since it began a year and a half ago. EVERYTHING I make on the sales, rolls over to create BETTER pendants and NEW DESIGNS. UNTIL the inventory is large enough and I don't feel that I need to create new items or upgrade the quality, perhaps I will make a profit some day. TIL THEN, Its not about the money....it was originally about creating a BETTER PRODUCT that ALL SATANISTS ACROSS THE GLOBE have discovered and appreciated.

Take a look at the pics and then compare the ORIGINAL 2 Inch Baphomet Pendant....is quite clear that its my own. When you create something and you begin to see it in publication, I normally do NOT brag but I know I am the man behind that creation. In this case, since this guy has been using cheap tactics, I thought I would go ahead and give him a taste of his own medicine. If anyone wanted to know who this is, feel free to see the Facebook comments on THIS site...under Jesse Clark's comments, you'll know who he is...I left his comment in place but deleted his others where he tries to place his site address. What Satanist do YOU know would allow such critic? If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen, so the saying goes...I welcome a debate so long as you can deal with MY wrath as well. Best of luck to you and your unoriginal marketing methods and cheap shots in attempts to make your image better. I would advise you that you should focus on quality. Its the LEAST you could have done...

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