The Agenda for 2015 - Updates and commentary regarding SoB competitors.

For some time now, people had been requesting lapel pins. The delay was due to putting lots of time into a few projects, like the SoB Sterling Silver Ring and the recently released 1.5 inch SoB pendants. The new Sigil of Baphomet pendants have never been created in the quality and craftsmanship as I have recently unveiled. The pictures speak for themselves; choose to buy the best or something of lesser grade for about the same price. What drives me is the fact that I have always wanted something like this. I honestly do not think there will ever be another producer of this quality and craftsmanship. The attention to detail that I dedicate during the manufacturing process is unsurpassed. I take the greatest pride and honor into creating these. The lapel pin is part of the agenda for 2015. What exact time of the year?... is still up in the air. The thing about this is, I want to bring the absolute best to the public market. I will not settle for anything less. The price needs to be decently affordable too. I do not want to charge a hefty price for something I would personally not be too fond of wearing if the quality I demand is not there. Also, there is no need to ask for special endorsements or PERMISSION because what most people do NOT understand, in business, this is why some things cost too much. There's a kickback given to these companies or organizations that want something in return in order to allow you to get some kind of special permission to just SAY THAT YOU ARE SOMEHOW backed by their SUPPORT. Nobody needs special endorsements to bring quality to market, NOBODY. For anyone who is reading this, do you remember years ago, that EMPORIUM page that was listed on The Church of Satan website? Their stuff was pretty good, I must admit. I never purchased a pendant because through the pictures, I caught a few things I would have done differently. Therefore, I didn't feel comfortable paying $40 for a pendant I felt had some flaws to them. First thing that caught my attention was the top of the design had a hole going right through it. Epic fail on the most basic design detail. The bail loop on my pendants is on the outside of the design. Even NOW, there is a competitor who has the same idea but their pendants have this weird rectangular shape on top. Guess this competitor didn't put enough effort into the process of design when he was making them. Emporium went away like the dinosaur. It was good for some people and then began the complaints I started to see. The people who purchased pendants said that they took too long to ship, sometimes it was months! For me personally, that was also a bad idea but what always got me was the price. I felt it was simply too high. I have a couple competitors who also make pendants and THEY still have the same old methods of creating their pendants. They have yet to upgrade their material, perhaps they lack where I have my strengths in. Manufacturing!! Manufacturing is where its at when it comes to designing and creating. The materials used, the quality, and attention to detail by the people handling them. There is no doubt about this. I have often received emails from DOZENS of people telling me how much they like my pendants above every other version sold by others. I personally welcome the competition and here's a few reasons why. My pendants are simply PREMIUM grade on all levels. I will admit that I started out on the low budget end at the beginning but since then have remarkably blown away the competition in quality and price. They have even attacked my website with negative comments, trying to discredit my quality (when clearly the pictures speak loudly) and their attempts to advertise their website on my facebook page and website commentary sections. The world next Wal-Marts. That's a fact. Not everyone can afford these premium designer pendants, despite my low price (matter of opinion, depending on who you ask). However, its a fact; small companies or producers of these pendants are essential. I am sure they will have some buyers from time to time, IF that buyer has not see MY WORK. When they DO see my work, they quickly become loyal to the brand I created. Its not about the artwork...grant it, its meaningful, but there is much more to it than what it represents. Its about what its made of, how long it will last, and best of all, what you can afford. If we could all afford Ferraris, I am sure we would ALL buy one. Despite my low pricing, I still occasionally get asked if I can make a special offer to some people. The answer is simply that I cannot go any lower than what its priced at on my site already. Other 3rd party sites where these are sold in are much higher. Again, there is a reason for this. Ebay and Amazon get a kick-back just for providing my listings with exposure. It's that simple, marketing101. My competition is always welcomed. I want people to truly understand the work and detail that goes into creating these at the highest demands I have when I make these. I PERSONALLY approve ALL projects at the end before production literally begins to start rolling. I do not bring other people's sites down either, unlike what they have already tried and failed with me. Again, the reason is based on the fact that the world needs cater to those who do not understand the importance of MY creations and why I made them the way I do. PREMIUM, HIGH QUALITY pendants. Now, the Lapel Pins...I have a few questions to ask those who have supported me for a long time. Colors, what colors would you recommend? How about a DIE-STRUCK Pin? Die Struck would definitely be made with a metal of good caliber for durability. What about CUFF-LINKS? These are on the agenda too? I was considering doing a LIMITED QUANTITY...and YES, THEY WILL COME IN A ACRYLIC CLEAR BOX for display. What other ideas do you have? Watches? Shot Glasses? One thing I want to be clear on, however, is the T-SHIRT...BIG NEGATIVE on that. Shirts are cool but honestly, you can get one elsewhere. Easy to do, everybody has them, no big deal! The pendants were something NOT EASY TO COME BY...NEITHER was the RING.

Speaking of the of my competitors recently announced that he is bringing out rings of his own...So here's MY PITCH before that happens...and YOU CAN MARK MY WORDS ON THIS... THE RINGS BY THE COMPETITION WILL NOT MEET THE DEMANDING QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP THE SIGIL OF BAPHOMET.COM HAS TO OFFER! YEP...I am calling him out on this RIGHT NOW...I know this will hold to be true. So now its just a matter of time before we see what comes next. SO...this is all that I have on the agenda so far...I am always open to ideas. Feel free to share your thoughts on this blog too. Everything is considered and heard here. Unlike the competition who only picks and chooses the positive comments to be shown on their site. Xerxes

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