The numbers don't lie.

Removed Facebook comments from site. Apparently the guy from iSatanist is still attempting to advertise on MY site.'s a little fact that can be seen by anyone....just based on Ebay alone...The numbers don't lie. I will be here to buy him out on the liquidation sale some day soon. These numbers were from a couple days ago...his have remained the same. Mine, well, not to brag but they are definitely much higher. This isn't a competition, however...don't get me wrong. Its always been about bringing something WORTHY of wearing proudly and with HONOR. It's guy's like and the old Emporium shop on the Church of Satan website that made me seek and create the quality you see and support today. ALL PROCEEDS are STILL getting rolled over to create new pendants and upgrade the inventory when being restocked. I also believe in SOME level of transparency, this is why I share this here on Facebook. This March, its been 2 years since I began creating SoB pendants, in August, it will be 2 years since the launch of the website. Its been a great journey so far and it makes me proud to know that people have come to appreciate my hard work and efforts to bring these beautiful pieces to life. I have more stuff lined up as time progresses. I may even consider a TRADE-IN offer for those who have purchased a pendant from iSatanist website and want to upgrade to something more ADULT than that Hot Topic shit he's offering. Just this life, we have Sears and Wal-Mart...let the pictures, comments, and reviews, speak for themselves!

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