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I am going to be contacting a jewelry manufacturer that is more accessible to me. They can literally make ANYTHING...IN ANY METAL, ANY SIZE, ETC...Now, I KNOW that my 'competition' is still trying to gain traction by taking many of my ideas. Ideas that no one EVER before came up with until I came around. I am fine with that, really. I have come to terms with it because I allow the general public to make that deciding factor on who's got the best product AND the BEST PRICE. ideas might be taken, but I cannot be outdone when it comes to price. My quality is much better and the price is definitely smaller. You be the judge. Since I recently unveiled the Sigil of Baphomet RING, a task that has never been done before the last time they were in existence, the next obvious choice was to make pendants in Silver too. I know it SOUNDS great to say that I can produce these in Silver...they always have been. The problem with silver, however, is that you can only use ONE type of color, BLACK! Some of my more popular pendants, like the 2 inch Black and Red SoB pendant, has a mix of colors....Its got a gold trim to the metal too. Very appealing to many buyers. It can be a collector piece or for a special occasion. Silver pendants are not difficult to find a manufacturer for, they have been around. The ring, however, was a different story. I mean, EVERYONE has seen the pics I posted of the ring. There is NO DOUBT, that NO other competitor has come close to the quality and clean look I was able to get it in. Grant it, the rings are a custom made job because of SIZES...pendants are a different story. They are one size fits all! The reason I never bothered with making silver pendants is really simple. Its very boring! It holds monetary value long after you buy it, but if the original classic design is used, like Black; the color will eventually fade with time. The reason for that is because in jewelry making, this is called Oxidation. The minute you apply silver polishing creams or you clean it with something, that color will fade away. Then you are left with just a Silver pendant with the design cut out...but from even a SHORT Distance, you cannot make out the details.

My pendants are made in colors, because the colors can stand out. If you are the fashionable type, certain colors can apply to something you wear that day. The pendant's color(s) and the design will also stand out from a short distance away. People will take notice. Isn't that the intent of wearing jewelry in the first place? Then there are those who simply buy my pendants because they look fucking amazing by themselves! They make a great collectible! I am not sure for how long I will be creating these. Some day I may opt to take a break. Who knows....but just like the others before me, they came and went for unknown reasons. I definitely stayed around long enough to make an impact. After all, these pendants are sold world-wide and are EXTREMELY popular and many emails and comments are received every day. Anyway, I wanted to take the time to point out a few things that I have seen circling around. My ring remains a dominant seller and extremely popular. THOUSANDS have shared the pics on a global scale. I am the sole creator or such original creation that hasn't been matched in QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP! The same applies for the Sigil of Baphomet Pendants. They are UNMATCHED in those two categories AND I WILL THROW IN PRICE TOO! I have seen others charge more. Why pay more for less when you can pay LESS for MORE at Moving on to another topic. In recent days, I had stated that I will no longer mention new products that I will unveil due to the fact that there are many internet trolls out there that want to get a jump on my latest ideas. I don't mind competition, as I said earlier. I welcome it because those who have purchase from me before KNOW that Quality, Craftsmanship, AND NOW price, is where it counts. Its not rocket science. I have mentioned a million times why I decided to get into producing these pendants before. Yet, there will still be some out there that think they can meet the demands of TRUE Satanists. The type of Satanists that ALSO DON'T conform to the CoS' 'herd conformity'. Just saying...I call it like I see it. I DID, however, test this theory out. I mentioned that I was going to start production of Lapel Pins. Pins are nothing new, others have them, I would probably have produced them and killed the competition because I would have priced mine at an unbelievable price. Lapel Pins are pretty common. Quality isn't the issue with them, but price definitely is. Everyone knows, that money talks and bullshit walks...but the best part would be that you would also buy from a REPUTABLE seller. That being ME. The Lapel Pins project WAS underway. Then I halted everything! A new pendant with a NEW design? (one would assume)...there are MANY in the works but that's not the reason for the halted production of the Lapel Pins. In fact, its simply because I am producing more Anton LaVey Sigil Pendants (star pendant) because it is one of my best sellers. The demand for my other pendants is SO high, I am finding it difficult to bring something new before I need to restock what has sold out. Now, as I have given it some time, I am seeing that one of my biggest competitors has literally announced that they are rolling out just about EVERY idea I ever mentioned on my facebook page or my website....going so far as to add earrings and cufflinks (an original idea of mine)...go figure right? AM I right about what I say?? I think not. I said, I welcome it. By the time I am ready to unveil new items, WATCH OUT! I will be the first, just like always, to have brought something new to offer. I am not talking about the artwork, Baphomet has been drawn up a millions times in a million ways. No one has ever come up with the Sigil of Anton LaVey pendant like I have, No one has ever done a Satanic Cross pendant, like I have, no has offered pendants in the QUALITY and Craftsmanship like I have, NO ONE EVER, PERIOD! The choice is yours. Let your patience get the best of you and buy something you will regret later, or wait for the BEST THAT'S YET TO COME!



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