Theirs vs. Mine....Know the Difference.

The top set of pendants were the ORIGINAL 1.5 inch size pendants. They were measures from Top to Bottom...This is how it all began 2 years ago. Since then, I have mastered the way to make them thicker, more detailed in design, and SIZEd in a different its DIAMETER. The Bottom set of pendants are the new and improved 1.5 inch pendants I released October 2014. The TOP set is where those who try to compete are STILL stuck in that concept. The competition simply cannot compete with the quality upgrade and price.

The original 1.5 inch pendants were measured from top to bottom that INCLUDED the bail loop. However, since I knew that eventually I needed to get better at my product line and my competition would soon follow; I took it upon myself to out-do the common concept of creating these pendants. Now the new version is actually larger than the original version. This is another comparison as one sits on top of the other.

Here I illustrated by literally writing on the images...

The competition vs. mine...a side by side scale...the thickness adds weight. Therefore making it more like a REAL medallion versus a thin wafer hanging from a chain.

Here is the back-side of the original 1.5 inch. At some point, in the original versions, I had polished up the backside to a MIRROR finish...I did this to make a little improvision. Then the idea sparked something greater on the current inventory I have now. I branded the pendants based on the title they represent!

Finally, here's one last look at the ORIGINAL version, very common and found with the competition versus what I have to offer. YOU DECIDE...I think my case is obviously proven. Say what they will. THESE pendants really DO capture the respect they deserve. Best part of it is....they cost the same as the competition. Why would you settle for something cheap when Quality and Craftmanship doesn't mean its gotta cost alot?

More colors and color combinations will come, 2 inch sizes, 1 inch sizes, Cuff Links (MY original idea) and SO much more that I honestly wish I could disclose..but I care not have my creativity stolen without giving myself the chance to present TRUE quality. Its honestly disrespectful when someone takes a great idea and does not produce the respect it deserves. Again, I said this before and I say it again. I started this website for one reason only. I wanted to finally see something I KNOW I would buy...not something cheap. The Sigil of Baphomet pendant should represent PRIDE...anything cheaply made is laughed at.

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