Seal of Lucifer...and more to come.

The story never gets old. I often repeat it for the nay-sayers to contemplate before they spout about how much better their stuff is.

Here's the shortened version for those who have not read about it before...otherwise, you can skip ahead to the next few paragraphs for the update on what's to come.

Since the early 90's, the idea of pendants was brought forth by a few individuals. The Church of Satan never actually produced anything (that I am aware of, that is). Perhaps there were some out there but the internet was still very young. These days, with the internet being what its become and the power of social media as it has taken over the world, the word can spread quickly. This is the case as was, when an online shop called Emporium was created and placed on the site of the Church of Satan. Since then, I believe, that the pendants were not exactly the best, IN MY OPINION, as to what I would have preferred to have seen. The bail loop (the loop where the chain goes through) was attached to the main design of the pendant itself. The price of the pendants were expensive for my taste, and at the time, it was HORRIBLE marketing...there were not enough pics of the pendants to be seen before you purchased them.

Then from what I remember, I started to see websites that would review other sites, PRE- Yelp days essentially...and to my surprise, alot of people complained that they had paid for pendants and were never received. Others were not really impressed with it upon receiving it. Then the site/page sort of went away mysteriously without explaination. Typical of some of the strange things The Church of Satan tends to do. I am not tyring to be critic but it raises eyebrows on some of the tactics based on that era.

Here we are today, I was simply fed up with never seeing anything come to light of possible new pendants. Some where available but a FAR cry from the quality Emporium for that, they deserve SOME praise. Still, I waited patiently until I decided enough was enough. I had to set out and make my own. I did this with the intent to be the best that ever was. No one before managed to create something that I felt was worth the price of purchase and no one since had proven to be an honorable salesman (delivery as promised, among other complaints I was aware of from previous sellers). The long story, SHORT, I created the Sigil of Baphomet pendant store in 2013 and now in 2015, some few individuals have stepped up to meet the deman. However, I will be honest here...I have been in business for many years before this. This was not something I ever needed to do. I didn't do it for fun, I did it because I felt people would appreciate something like this. Everyody has a reason behind their actions. The competitors that came out in recent months...yes, just months, have stepped up on a scale to do business only. Not only that, but in their efforts, they have attacked my website and negative publicity. Claiming that my work is not authentic somehow because I didn't get permission from someone. I have spoken about this before. These designs are not copyrighted. Nor is the Sigil of Baphomet that the Church of Satan uses. You heard it here AGAIN! The only way their copyright patent works is with the WORDS "Church of Satan" written with it. In other words, they created a 'BRAND'. That's the term used in the world of business. Some 'brands' are excluded from patents such as those designs and artwork that have been used for thousands of years, far back before the development of a patent system. This is the reason why the Sigil of Baphomet remains open to the general public. There is NO sanctions or permissions needed. Thus has been the case since I started creating these. The competition suddenly stepped up...ONE even got "persmission"...but the question remains, Does that make them any better? NO!

That's the short answer.

The reason is based on the very thing I sell my pendants on: Quality, Craftsmanship, and recently PRICE! This isn't business for me....this is my passion. I share with everyone. Grant it, its MUCH like business because it requires funding to bring out new stuff to the masses across the globe. I utilize my business knowledge to generate and manage the revenue required for this.

Recaping this story; The reason I started selling these pendants was based on the fact that I wanted to succeed where EVERYONE has failed before: Where individuals have failed before (and new competitors is failing now) is where I have found the success of these beautifully crafted Satanic pendants AND RING!

Here's what coming up next: If have followed me on facebook in recent weeks, you already know that the Seal of Lucifer is coming. Its going to be 2 inches at its longest points. No telling what the shortest will be because that was NOT a factor in the process. The 2 inch size is a best seller and appreciated by many. Not only that, the weight of the pendant is appropriate for that size. I have seen the Seal of Lucifer floating around the internet for months before I began the project. I looked long and hard to find a better version, I FOUND NONE! NO SURPRISE THERE< RIGHT?? Again, where many have failed before me, I will succeed. I studied the symbol. I thought it was simple. Some organizations have adopted the symbol and added to it to customize it to represent their lay organization pertinent with what the symbol represents. Such is the case with the Luciferians.

I put out the design and I literally ASKED the Facebook followers of my page, what are you thoughts regarding this symbol, what do you recommend? This is a pendant FOR YOU, as it is for me...but I wanted to take the opinion of those who have supported me through the past 2 years to create pendants. The comments and suggestions came in and I came up with this.

Seal of Lucifer, 2 inches, White background was my original ideal because I have seen it online this was and I felt it has a much sharper and clean look to it with the lines of the design itself. I felt it would definitely draw attention more to the symbol than the white background. Another suggestion came from a customer who suggested that I put a black border around it like I have in the 1.5 inch Baphomet pendants where the area in the center is not filled in. This definitely completed the piece as it had a Black and White combo going for it and the symbol is WELL REPRESENTED HERE. This pendant is currently in production NOW and will arrive around May 15 just in time for shipments of the first Pre-Order buyers who KNOW MY LINE OF WORK, and have FULLY SUPPORTED ME without thinking twice. THEY will get the BEST PRICE for this pendant before I even get it in and figure out what to charge for it. NO OTHER SELLER of ANY PENDANTS ONLINE CAN PULL THIS OFF!

Now, needless to say, I have been keeping a VERY CLOSE watch on other sellers of similar pendants. As far as I know, I believe I will be the only one in recent history to create a peice like this, OF THIS QUALITY. ALSO....

I have been asked for MANY MONTHS, WHEN WILL I GET THE 1 inch pendants back IN STOCK again? I am QUICKLY WORKING ON THAT VERY SOON...DEFINITELY COMING by END OF MAY OR EARLY JUNE! There has been alot of works pending and the reason for the long delay was because I have been working on producing more pendants. If you are aware, The Walpurgishnacht Sale is STILL going on ALL MONTH LONG (APRIL) and they have been moving so fast that I had to re-order my inventory at a scale unheard of before. On top of all this, the Seal of Lucifer needed to be set up and rolled into production. Each peice is literally handled by White Gloves as they are placed in their hard plastic covers that they come with when we get them in. These are not thrown in a plastic bag, off some cheap assembly line. The HIGHEST quality is not to ever be taken at small scale here. The people who handle these during production, handle them with great PRIDE and CARE.

Where others have failed, I have succeeded...having said this, Here is what I recently discovered. Other sellers of Baphomet Pendants CANNOT PRODUCE a 1 inch pendant. Their main excuse is simply that the integrity of the design will be lost if it gets any smaller. The fact of the matter is, they personally do not make these pendants. They have them made by people who simply are not well equipped to handle tiny details, therefore, it would produce a botched product. I am the FIRST and ONLY to have ever produced pendants in a 1 inch size. No one has before me and THEY ARE COMING SOON! I plan on bringing out thousands in select colors: Black, Red, White, Blue, Purple, PINK and Green. This is a HUGE in the past, I have only made these in two colors, Black and Red. However...many have asked about the colors...and the 1 inch pendant will be a pendant for literally EVERYDAY WEAR! 1.5 inch pendants were mainly for special occasions...2 inch definitely special occasion or ritual use. The 1 inch, is definitely an every day piece. I have worn one myself and it held up really good.

Look for a Pre-Order to be set up in May, possibly after the Seal of Lucifer pendants are updated on the site and across other venues and I will work on getting something moving with the 1 inch pendants. The PERFECT SIZE for the EVERYDAY Satanist.

In May, I will likely introduce a new addition to the 1.5 pendant, New Color. Feel free to let me know what you might be interested in. (I'm thinking Purple).

Thanks for reading everyone. Your number one source for all your Satanic needs! Only at

Hail Satan!


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