The Seal of Lucifer

* The Sigil of Lucifer (Also sometimes called the Seal of Satan) does not represent a deity as much as it represents mankind. The religion Satanism is an atheistic religion founded by Anton Lavey, and is also referred to as "Humanism." This symbol dates back to the 1400s, but has always been associated with Lucifer. According to the Holy Bible, Lucifer was a fallen angel of God who was cast down from heaven for challenging God, both in power and challenging God's views of the world expecting worship. Lucifer took pride in his power, which was the 7th and deadliest of all the sins, and when questioning God, was damned for eternity in Hell.

The first appearance of this sigil was in Italy, while it was still many city-state tribes of Italy that spawned from the Latin-speaking Roman Empire, before they unified back into the country of Italy in the 1800s. This sigil appeared in a book called the Grimoirium Verum, which means the "Grimoire of Truth".

* Source:

The Seal of Lucifer pendant has finally arrived. After a couple months of picking out the right design and fine tuning it to make it better in the pendant form, the image is finally a reality and once again, I have set the standard extremely high (if not, unattainable) with the Quality and Craftsmanship.

Here are some of the details regarding this beautifully created piece:

The pendant is 2 inchs in length (top to bottom) by 1.5 inches in width (side to side) with a golden/silver metallic finish.

This is a heavy pendant, large, goes well with the new introduction of chains I began to list on my site. All 2 inch pendants will now have the option to purchase WITH a chain. The chain addition with the purchase of the pendants is at a discounted price. If purchased separately, not discounted.

The chains are not manufactured by me, HOWEVER, after 2 years of searching for quality chains at a price I felt comfortable FOR THE BUYERS, I finally found a source and I offer them here. These chains are stainless steel chains, very strong with quality clasps that will not break so easily. If you ever found it difficult to find chains for the pendants I sell here that are hard to match the quality you deserve, you can find it here at last!

Part of my drive to create great looking pendants as these is that each time I come up with a new pendant, I try to out-do the previous design. Its a very hard task to do, as I constantly study the designs over and over and look for ways to improvise. This time, I noticed that I could improvise this piece on the back-side of the pendant. I added some color to fill in the engraved lettering. This is something new that the previous pendants did not have (but will in future productions).

Here's a pic of the back-view:

I want to thank all my supporters, buyers, etc. of the Sigil of Baphomet website. I set out to be the best in Quality and Craftsmanship of Satanic pendants. A feat that's never been done before. In 2 short years, we have become the #1 source of your dark desires in jewelry. We will continue to grow in the coming months, releasing new pendants in sizes and colors we have been requested to make.

I appreciate all your comments and suggestions on facebook. Keep them coming. This site continues to grow and making a huge presence online.

Dark Blessings,


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