The Sigil of Baphomet Ring...Round 2

If you have followed my Facebook Page, you are already aware of the latest news of new items I am releasing and what it coming next. In the recent months, I posted the Baphomet Ring that was a VERY BIG undertaking to bring to fruition. As far as I know and I stand to be corrected, no one before has ever come up with a Baphomet ring.

The ring was definitely a challege for many, MANY years. Even before I got into creating pendants, my ideas were always dead-set on creating the ring. The ring, for most people is definitely someone you can wear EVERY day. Most people have jobs where wearing a pendant is simply not suitable. Depending on what you do, wearing jewelry like that is not always idea. Not only that, but most people prefer to wear their best jewelry on special occasions. I personally wear one on nights that I go out on the evening. Typically, on events or gatherings with friends.

When I finally got a manufacturer to create the ring, and ONE that would not Religiously Discriminate (indirectly) I was thrilled! I thought this was IT! It can't get better than this, right?


I tried extremely hard. I pulled every resource available. Everyone I knew in business and not told me to keep looking. Some manufacturers were even more expensive than the one I went with. Now...some people DEFINITELY bought the ring, which is fantastic..they got a VERY unique piece, truly a one of a kind. I even manage to sell my OWN personal ring on Ebay. It was used at the prototype for the sole purpose of pics. I didn't want to sell it, but because I had a customer that really wanted a Baphomet ring, I felt it was a good thing to do and offer it up.

Now that it left me without a ring for myself, the search continued. While I was in the midst of working on the production and release of the Seal of Lucifer pendant, I was also working on other projects simultaneously, one of which is coming next, the Lapel Pins.

I listen to everybody's comments and suggestions on facebook. I get emailed every day regarding sizes, project ideas, and other things related to a slightly different subject. I want everyone to know, I DO listen, I hear the demands. I add my own twist to these if it means it will make it better. These are YOUR pendants, the jewelry you always wished existed, NOW EXISTS! I answered the call to the demand, I was a customer once too. So here I am today, announcing what led up to the new round of the Sigil of Baphomet ring.

If you are not aware of how business works, here's quick lesson. Everyone knows that the U.S. is the biggest IMPORTER of goods. China dominates in Manufacturing. You hear this story everyday in the media. What you also hear is how you should buy American...tell that to the Apple products fans and yeah, good luck with that! The fact is, its all about the product quality. What you GET for what you PAY. China used to be thought of as CHEAP. Let me tell you, if you cringe on the idea that China makes cheap shit, you are absolutely wrong....well, about 90% wrong. Here's why:

People in the U.S. that produce products to sell at some point, come to the realization that you gotta go with overseas productions to keep the cost of doing business, SPECIFICALLY in the MANUFACTURING department. The ONLY reason why we have a bad taste in our mouths when we here the word CHINA, is because we all have purchased from Wal-Mart, the biggest seller of China goods in the U.S. That's why they are as big as they are. We have settled on a lesser grade of products if it means that we will save money on our purchases.

Somethings, we don't mind being cheaply made; if it serves a purpose, a very basic one, we concern ourselves with saving money. Therefore, we end up settling for a product that is cheap in price and likely comes with cheap manufacturing. However, take the example I mentioned, Apple Products. Iphones are not cheap. The engineering part is done from U.S. engineers...they send their schematics and plans to China where they eventually put it all together. Now, Apple was not always as good as it has been in the last decade. As they grew, the added "quality assurance" to oversee the production of their product because...BECAUSE ...ok, get it...its important a company grows, you expand in different ways. Its not always about expanding on quantity BUT QUALITY. That's exactly what they did. The reason its made in China is really simple and we all know this, the hourly wage for most American workers will crush any margins they get from the sales of iPhones, therefore, they would never be able to grow or for that matter, improve their product line.

Now comes ME...I manufactured the ring right here in the U.S. of A. Fucking outrageously priced! I'll give you that when I hear it. It was indeed expensive. SO why did I do it? Here's a simple reason, I can and did..Secondly, there's a few people now that have stepped up to compete with me. Some where already there before me, but always lacking the quality in their pendants. Then came the competitors, AFTER me, in which they (or HE) is literally copying my every idea now. By the way, expect a Sigil of Anton LaVey pendant that they are in the works of copying. That pendant NEVER existed before I started making it, now my competition is following suit...go figure. I am not scare of it...I welcome competition because I want people to appreciate MORE what I am able to do because QUALITY and CRAFTSMANSHIP is what I have pocessed since DAY ONE! Anyhow, getting back on track here....The RING....People who have tried creating the ring after I made my public announcement that I was in the works to bring it to life began to make a move to be the first. Now that some are out there, they do not compare to my quality. Matter of fact, their version is downright fucking UGLY! I would never buy that peice of shit, with the Hollowed back-side, (mind you, mine is a solid peice, not hollowed FOR COMFORT!) that's my opinion. IF some people disagree, best of luck wearing it, I am sure its a bit uncomfortable for long term use. Plus, its not a Baphomet pendant, looks more like a Pagan ring with Satanic Crosses on the shafts....just saying.

The need to bring the ring out and be the first was important to me. I wanted to prove to you guys whom have supported this venture that you are investing in something great! I make no bones about the truth behind my philosophy. I am very transparent and call it like I see it. Many of you agree, I read the comments. The ring took on a new round recently when I managed to make contacts with manfucturers in China that can produce this ring. I personally will OVERSEE the production of this ring to make sure it meets the SAME standards of the previous rings that were made for a few customers since I introduced it on my website. Never assume that China cannot bring quality to the table...they can...and they can because YOU AND I demand it! I am personally going to make sure that I will not be copied or undersold on this beautiful creation that is coming this summer.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I honestly have to say, that if you ever invested into Satanic Jewelry, this would be the BEST investment you can possibly make. The ring will be made of Stainless Steel....I may increase it to what is known as 316L Stainless Steel AKA Surgical Steel. Having this ring made in Silver is definitely more expensive. I KNOW that many of you would prefer this and rest assured...its possible that in the future I will also do it this way...HOWEVER...for now...I strongly feel Stainless Steel is much easier. Here's why: PRICE...its obviously going to be cheaper than any precious metal...Then you have the fact that its hard to dissassociate from Silver...Steel and Silver, same color. The value of the ring will stay high even for steel, how do I know this? There's been people who purchased Stainless Steel rings from my website for upwards of $400 me, its not about the metal, its about Baphomet! Lastly, stainless steel never requires cleaning maintenance. It can't get better than this...I wear stainless rings now and I never have to polish white gold and it gets my hands dirty too.

SO there you have it, a little transparency with FACTS about how this works. You don't just buy a Baphomet pendant, or ring, or lapel pin, you are investing in a company that is a one man show here...consistently upgrading the product line and expanding it too. I STILL have yet to make a profit from all this....I kid you not, everything gets rolled over to bring better products. The kind only a Satanist can appreciate. I dare say this again, its not about being ENDORSED by the Church of Satan, its about giving the Satanists something YOU REALLY want! Quality and Craftsmanship....and you find it only here:

This is the summer to crush the competition once and for all. These items cannot be matched, but don't take MY word for what everyone is saying on Facebook. Subscribe your Email Address at the bottom of any page for Exclusive Offers (only email subscribers), Facebook updates (up and coming, etc) and get exclusive images of new projects before they are listed (Pre-Sale Order Offers) and SO much more to come.

Thank You all for making me the #1 Seller of Satanic Jewelry WorldWide!



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