WholeSale Now Available!

The new Wholesale Page has been added. This page is not necessarily for everyone, its by invitation only.

Since I started to create these pendants 2 years ago, occassionally I have been asked if people can buy them at a discount if they purchased a large order. In some cases, these were sellers or vendors or what have you. Some where from Satanic organizations that wanted pendants for the membership. Others were sellers from other parts of the world.

The page is perhaps best for those sellers from other parts of the world. The reason I say this is very simple. The idea was sparked when I had some buyers from France trying to get a few. I was willing to give them a price but they were quickly turned off due to the shipping charges and our lack of communication. They were reaching me through other venues other than my website.

I came up with the idea to create a simple page with some starting prices on some of the items I am already selling. Now some are expensive to create and there may not be a large resale margin. However, there ARE some items that would be beneficial. Either way these items sell well to the dedicated Satanist. This is NOT some cheap pewter, gothic-scene type of jewelry. This is for the serious buyer. True Satanists around the world adorn these great creations and they wear them with pride. Naturally, the pendants were created with that type of individual in mind.

Shipping to France, one pendant at a time is HIGHLY expensive. Most sellers on any venue, INCLUDING my competitors, do not ship to certain countries. Here's why, after a while, they will notice that their items will never reach their destination. Regardless of tracking numbers, some countries have a different Postal Delivery service than that of the United States. Therefore, these sellers will try places like UPS or FedEx and quickly realize that shipping such a small item is actually 2-5 times the cost of the purchase the buyer made. In the end, they settle on USPS service and the package never arrives. Leading some of my competitors to wonder whether or not the buyers are really telling the truth, OR wondering what exactly went wrong.

I have the ANSWER to this problem. This is MAINLY the reason why my work is not just amazing to look at and purchase, but I GUARANTEE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE...and I can afford to do this for the cost that the buyers pay for shipping. I will not disclose this trade secret as I am aware that my competitors are reading this now....Good luck to you, you know who you are...you might as well shut it down or keep it local and small....I will not be out-done.

Now...because SOME buyers in countries like FRANCE, still find it a little pricey to have a pendant shipped to them when they only want ONE, I hope that some sellers of occult products will take interest and want to sell Sigil of Baphomet pendants too. I can ship a bulk order and they can sell locally. This will enable buyers in the area to not worry about getting their packages lost in the postal system and/or never arriving...PLUS, if they buy locally, they do not need to pay for shipping. Everyone wins and ALL HAIL SATAN!

Serious Inquiries contact me. Must meet a minimum purchase order of $200 USD. I MAY reduce it under certain conditions. All transactions may vary dependent on the terms we agree on.

Prices may change. Password provided for access to Wholesale Page upon approval.


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