Sigil of Baphomet Update #3

Got an updated on the Sigil of Baphomet ring production today. As you all might know, the ring is listed as CUSTOM MADE and its very expensive. The ring is manufactured here in the U.S. and it takes approximately 4 weeks, start to finish, depending on the design changes you would want. Totally CUSTOM MADE.

Many people have expressed interest in the ring but I KNOW that the price can be a major turn-off for everyone. The ring is currently being crafted for a mass production. This production will enable me to bring about more than one piece at a time AND ALL SIZES. This feat is unlike anyone has ever done before me. I'll say this AGAIN...ITS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE...UNTIL NOW!

Many of you know what drives me to bring these peices of jewelry. The very lack of any good shit that is out there floating around online. I am talking about 'gaudy' pendants and especially in RINGS...I mean, lets face it, the crap that is out now looks horrible. What is even more disturbing is that the Church of Satan has even turned away a few good people, myself included, from striking a deal to promote QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP Satanic Jewelry. Gone are the days the CoS had good taste, in my opinion. Anton LaVey had some serious taste!

So enough about the fact that there's people out there that simply do not compare to my quality and craftsmanship. These individuals lack something, a team. They go at it alone and fail. I have a team of people who help me design and create these masterpieces. The ring is the most sought-after piece and very demanding that it be DONE RIGHT!

There is no excuse for quality and craftsmanship. This is my motto. Satanists around the world demand the very best. Anton LaVey had it and we shared the likeness. Therefore, the ring has been a project for nearly 2 years now. I am relentless on creating the ultimate piece and I am getting closer each day.

Today I was given some pics of what the molds look like. I was sent pics of two different molds. The first mold, was rejected as I could already tell that the detail was an epic failure. The second one came back and so far, its looking great. Now we are working on the Baphomet part of the ring. The surrounding Hewbrew lettering has been perfected to the best possible detail that doesn't take away from defining the definition of the lettering.

The project began June 1st. Its been officially 30 days and with one rejection so far. When I reject a project, its literally back to the drawing board until they get it right. Now they came back and presented me with a second mold and so far, I think its a step in the right direction. The rest is coming and it is believed that it could be at least another 10 more days til I get details regarding the detail on Baphomet and the over all finish of the ring.

I cannot stress this enough to tell everyone reading this and those who follow me on facebook. Making this ring is an absolute difficulty due to the fine details involved. On a CUSTOM MADE order, the process is just as long but because molds are done differently, such as its ONLY ONE peice being made, instead of a mold that can handle a large production, there's more time to correct errors because of the materials used in these molds. Molds created for a large production have little room for error. When it gets rejected, its a major set-back on many levels...TIME being one of them...

SO...This is why its taken so long to get the first sample finished. The sample is basically a representation of what all rings will look like when they are run through the entire start-to-finish process.

Now, having said all this....I KNOW that many of you who follow this will appreciate the work put into this project. I set out to create something MORE affordable and that it can be just as appreciated as a CUSTOM MADE ring. That is KEY here. The ring currently sits at around $350 to make in Stainless Steel...another $100 if you want it in Silver. I am determined to make this MUCH LESS...perhaps somewhere in the $50 range or lower....The lowest will go to those who have an Email Subscription....they signed up for updates and they are anticipating this. They are the ones who appreciate the effort and work that goes into ALL items listed on this website. They are the ones who probably have also made many purchases since I started this site...for that, they deserve the best offer...If YOU wish to become part of the list, by all means, sign up. I do not send emails daily...perhaps ONCE a month of that....

They also get exclusive offers that I do not share with FACEBOOK it has its benefits.

Thank You all who are continuing your support.

I will keep you posted when the ring finally arrives. I anticipate no later than the month of August...and that's a stretch if NOT SOONER....Hail Satan!


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