Baphomet Ring : Update #4

Previously I've shown some raw pics of the mold that reflected the fact that the ring is definitely IN PRODUCTION. Now, here's a a finished sample of those molds previously posted. This is an INCOMPLETE ring as the face is not yet added. So here's the update: Due to the complexity of the details on the Baphomet design (the "face" of the ring), I had to abandon the idea of using the Oswald Wirth Version of Baphomet and instead going with the simple design originally created by Maurice Bessy...or the Bessy Version as its commonly referred as. It's now going to be a 3rd time a mold will be created WITH the face this time, which will result with the creation of the first production sample. From that point forward, that first production will be completed, pics will be posted, and will kick off the Exclusive Offer to Email Subscribers and so forth. For details regarding this, please visit my blog page and read some of the ring updates previously posted. I am considering creating Certificates of Authenticity for the rings and possibly number them for collectors alike. Accept no imitations and cheap versions. These will have the Highest Quality and Craftsmanship standards you can expect from me, I guarantee it....but I'll let these pics speak for themselves. Notice that it's NOT "hollowed" on the back. It's solid, heavy, and detailed.

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