Hada Pixie

HOT! That's the one word to describe this dark beauty embracing the dark pages of the internet these days. Hada Pixie, model, photographer, dancer, and performer. The multi-talented beauty has officially launched a collection of rosaries and I am happy to report that some of her works includes pendants created by me.

It all began with her first rosary. She used a Seal of Lucifer pendant purchased on the site and after completion, her picture went viral. Since then, she has created the even MORE popular Satanic Cross/Sulphur Rosary and once again, the pics have gone viral. What really caught my eye was the picture posted on the home page. If the Satanic Cross was ever a piece to indulge in, look into her eyes and tell me if that doesn't do you in.

Based out of Georgia, she's been in the modeling industry for some time and this new venture is quickly rising as yet another addition to her ever growing resume. She's even got the look to pose with such amazing pieces. All pieces exclusively done by her.

Today I share her website and her Etsy store. I am proud to see my own personal work being extended for other purposes that those who walk on the left hand path can truly enjoy. I strongly recommend her work. In her collection, she also includes other items not created by me, but needless to say, I have to admit that they are amazing.

Her site is also one great masterpiece to visit with the large array of professional photography. I have seen many, but this one takes the take. Very beauty, creative, artistic, and from personally chatting with her, an amazing individual.

TO end this short blog: Big THANKS for posing with your rosaries that commemorate my work. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE PICS! I hope to continue to seeing more and I hope that you gain a customer base from my pendants. Those interested in a rosary or something more CUSTOM, I suggest you contact her and purchase the pendants with the custom made chains or rosaries she creates.

Dark Days are coming...

Visit Etsy Store: Hada Pixie Designs

Hada Pixie Website: http://hadapixie.com/


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