The Bees Knees of Sagittarius Lost Art...a Desiree creation.

August is shaping up to be quite the colorful month already (with one day to go before it begins at the time I wrote this). In July, I introduced one of the hottest models I've seen in recent memory since Dita Von that setting the bar kinda high? Perhaps so, considering that lots of beautiful women model but few can pull off the various styles like that of Hada Pixie. From fashion to fetish, modern-day pin-up to even sexy selfies. Hada Pixie is making waves with her creative talents and had recently added a new line of rosaries that included some of my best works, like the Seal of Lucifer pendant, The Satanic Cross, and various Sigil of Baphomet pendants. While most are still dwindling with making their own style, Pixie brandishes a style that is uniquely creative using the best items that give the over all look and feel of her line a special unique brand. On top of that, she uses the best peices to compete the picture, such as our very own, Satanic pendants, the best Quality and Craftsmanship world-wide.

In August, I introduce yet another lovely beauty, Desiree, owner and founder of two magnificent Etsy stores: The Bees Knees and Sagittarius Lost Art. Two Etsy stores with a different variation of items that cater to uniqe groups of people. It all began when I decided it was time to bundle pendants. Many people have come back to purchase a pendant for a friend as a gift. Other times, they buy to collect. I realized that people are always looking for a better offer. I often send out Coupon Codes for discounts on Entire Cart purchases or Free Shipping Coupon Codes...Box Sets seemed to be the perfect idea for the Dark season that is coming later in the year. I began looking for the perfect box to bundle my pendants for a better offer and then my eyes crossed the amazing creations by Desiree.

The pictures showed up on Instagram. It was from someone whom had recieved pendants and were placed in a coffin shaped box as part of a gift...think Box Set or Gift Set. That's when I knew I had found my box. I was thrown back by the image I saw. Three pendants lined up in a red interior and a black on the outside of a coffin shaped jewelry box.

I quickly manuevered to reach out to the person who posted the pic and before I knew it, I made contact with Desiree.

Desiree creates the exterior design in full, by hand! She does other designs not typically related to those who walk on the Left Hand Path but has made a few in the past. She goes on to tell me more details and I am quickly hooked! I knew that this would be great for me to create box sets for those looking for a fantastic deal. Something you can get at a good price and still manage to get a little extra with your purchase. SO we began talking! I wanted to have something more exlusive for my site and those who supported me. Dark Boxes are finally here!

I asked Desiree to create something unique that I can offer and make readily available to those who appreciate my work with the pendants. There are those who purchase 2 or more pendants and something like this would make the deal even sweeter. I can typically only offer discounts on pendants when the order is large enough. Individual sales, I can't.

We came to an agreement that we will work together to bring something new. I called them, Dark here's the details:

Hand made by Desiree, owner of Sagittarius Lost Art and The Bees Knees Etsy stores. Each box are custom painted. Now...take a look at the pictures in my shop page, you will see that its not all are just one solid color...that would be too easy. Desiree takes the time to make them unique and worthy of the price you pay for the quality work that you get! This is what my site is based on. Quality and Craftsmanship; something I have said time and time again since I started this venture a few years ago. Some boxes have the distress look with the two-tone color combination seen in the Red with Black edges. then you have a HIGH quality image on top of the box. This is NOT just a print and glue on top of the box project, believe me, when I spoke to Desiree, she explained the process...but because I cannot give out the trade secrets, just have a little faith (pun...chuckle) and trust me when I say, these designs are quality and they are placed in a manner that makes them unique to her work for quality assurance....and mine, of course, I demand only the best. This exceeds that demand!

Then there is ONE VERY UNIQUE part of these Dark Boxes that is made JUST FOR THE SALE ON THIS SITE:

The inside of these Dark Boxes are lined with Satin. Pressed against the edges (glued). This gives them a rich dark look (in Black Satin or Red) and protects your beautifully crafted pendants from ever getting scratched. NO ONE ELSE makes these boxes in this manner. The time and work put into these is all done by Desiree! Truly remarkable craftsmanship and may I just throw in this bit, she's also quite the dark beauty! Thus making the month of August quite a delightful month. Beautiful ladies embracing the pages of my website and the creative works they share with me. Simply Amazing!

This month also features more Customer Pics posted on Facebook, Instragram, or simply emailed to me. If you wish to be considered for a PIC of the MONTH ...well let me rephrase this...I am considering making it, PIC OF THE WEEK due to overwhelming pics received...the fellas and the ladies all look amazing. Gone are the days of cheap, gawdy jewelry with black leather cords.....these items on this site are for the people who are serious about what they wear and what they BELIEVE....well actually, there ARE some that are NOT Satanists and STILL choose to wear these items. Sometimes its not about the religion, its about fashion.

I raise my glass of White Russian and toast to all my supporters world-wide, Dark Days are here to stay! Hail Satan!

Xerxes The Bees Knees

Sagittarius Lost Art

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