Ring Update #5

The moment we've been waiting for... This project is a big undertaking. It will be the biggest production I have done since I began creating these items. A crowd funding campaign has been created and launched! Terms and conditions have not yet been negotiated but it's expected that the full retail value of the ring can be as high as $70 max (down from $250, not bad eh?). The problem is: producing rings in every size; unlike pendants, one size fits all. So here's how the crowd funding campaign is set up in the event it is needed: The campaign is set up alot like a pre-order sale, there's "perks" involved. If anyone contributes for a perk, then you get something with it, IF the goal is reached. Guess what that perk is? The Ring! Now, there's some people that may want to contribute but don't want the perk, there's gonna be other perks available and finally, a no perk option, just a contribution of your choice.

The campaign is mainly to bring this ring by October or November. In the event that it can't be done, I promise you now, in 2016 I will do what it takes and I WILL bring this out. When the ring is in production, Pre-orders for email subscribers will also be dealt like the campaign, if we don't succeed on funding it, refunds will be issued.

I am keeping my word on being transparent about this project. The pic you see is a sample....a prototype. Production has not started until we close on terms and conditions. There's even an inspection team, a 3rd party company that I need to consider to overlook the quality and craftsmanship of these rings when they are produced, so we still have time ahead of us to get everything aligned. Every heard the term, 'serious business'? Now you know.


Visit The Crowd Funding Campaign

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