The Satanic Temple, The Church of Satan and Planned Parenthood?

Recently I posted the article that told of the protests for and against Planned Parenthood and the actions taken by The Satanic Temple. Now it appears that Peter H. Gilmore has published a statement on the Church of Satan website insighting Satanic philosophy relating to the article I had posted. Of course, it did take a small jab at the actions of The Satanic Temple, indirectly. They weren't mentioned by name but I got the message clearly who he was referring to. It wasn't so harsh but it still appears as though he thinks of their actions are rather childish in a sense. It gave the notion that TST was doing something comical rather than being more adult about the situation or as some comical organization needing some attention. Let me be the first to bend the opinion into a straight fact. The Satanic Temple DOES have a demonic sense of humor. Much like the the kind you can typically expect of a Satanist. The protests TST have done always included these comical rituals that the religious right seemingly fall for. The kind that makes them gasp, gag, shock, and eventually anger. Does it grab attention? Of course, the shock factor always gets attention from the media. Even better is the mix of humor and grotesque, all mixed into one protest. The REAL value comes in the form of what is happening behind closed doors. THE FACT, that TST is making strides in our LEGAL SYSTEM. That's where suddenly the protests become a matter of reality and REAL CHANGE in America. Yes, I can understand taking a jab at them if you want to keep the throne in tact and the right to claim, "we were here first" but don't you think it's about time The Church of Satan gave some credit to The Satanic Temple for their efforts in keeping the religious RIGHT from taking over the country? We see what these God-believing groups are doing in foreign lands; TST is placing a cap on things by drawing attention to what these groups are intending to do, taking away freedom one law at a time. I understand Gilmore's statement when he says that the media doesn't get their protest and the 'milk ritual' per say, but it's missing the mark. It's not that the TST is trying to explain Satanism to the world; it's safe to say we are passed that. No one will ever get it. Anton LaVey understood this, we all got to understand that message. "...if you're a true satanist, you were born this way"...The thing is, TST is not in the media to claim a throne, nor to claim the NEW AND IMPROVED version of The Church of Satan, no! They are simply taking a political position to make changes where necessary before the country is taken over, legally, by a God-believing mentality. The Church of Satan is given credit for the foundation of what modern Satanism was....but what it is now: it's evolving, and fast! That's where The Satanic Temple is taking it. It's not "an old package being sold as new", it's reinventing the wheel. Just like the telephone; went to cordless, to mobile, to "smart"-phone and beyond, still evolving, same basic foundation, the ability to make a phone call. Gilmore doesn't mention them by name and certainly doesn't give them credit for their political intentions, but one thing is certain, The Church of Satan is getting the attention of The Satanic Temple. This isn't about who's better, it's simply about making strides toward a better path...on the left hand side. My suggestion: don't knock them for their successful political efforts but rather welcome the fact that Satanism is rising, above ground, gaining way as they do. It's better to embrace, sit back-and-enjoy, and give a little credit where credit is due.

That is all. -- Xerxes

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