Ring Update #7

Ring Update: Since the last pic was posted, the ring has finally been redone yet again with the last step remaining, the color. Now, if you followed the posts, you will recall that I used some laser technology to fine tune the details of the face of the ring. This is very modern technology for jewelry making these days, BUT it's extremely expensive when you are doing a mass production. Due to the Internet trolls that tend to follow my lead and/or attempt to copy my methods and ways I conduct business, I will need to HOLD BACK on details regarding how I finally concluded the final prototype. I will say, that when I decided to go with the new concept, our production costs were reduced by 5X that of laser technology AND it came out as good as the laser version made. Tonight, we add the final touch, and the prototype, or sample, will be shipped to me for a physical inspection and final word on proceedings with production. This may still take some time, but on track for a possible October deadline. I'm also posting the previous pic, so you can see the difference. You would think that it doesn't get any better, but I make it happen! Keep in mind, color has not been added to the final ring yet.

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