Just when you think QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP can't get any better, it does! A year ago next month, I rolled out the 1.5 inch pendants you have come to appreciate and support. Now, with the popularity of the quality, I'm once again taking things even FURTHER on the quality level. Since I began the ring project 3.5 months ago, I also started to look into bringing a quality pendant that can be worn DAILY. Meaning, many people wear the current one often, but due to the need for costs associated with producing them, they didn't meet the absolute potential until now! My entire inventory will slowly get replaced with a new and improved version of the pendants currently listed. They will be made of Stainless Steel; they will have much more weight too. Since there's going to be a considerable amount of weight added based on how they will be made, a 1 inch pendant will be attempted first. IF 1 inch is too small for the production, then I'll go bigger. The new versions COULD POSSIBLY be the last pendant you will ever need. I will also not hesitate to compare mine with competitors and I'll definitely call them out by name. The reason is because I'm literally going to also buy EVERY competitor's version and literally compare theirs to mine in ALL ASPECTS OF QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP. I might also consider placing a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on the new versions. I personally want to thank ALL SATANISTS WORLDWIDE, whom have supported this venture since the beginning. When you are ready for a replacement, I hope you consider these new versions when they begin to roll out! The pictures will speak for themselves. They literally will look so much better than what you are seeing now. It's hard to envision it now, but trust me on this. One last thing, the Maurice Bessy version will be made in this new version. The deadline is almost here, I may ask those who Pre-ordered if they will consider waiting a bit longer, as I'm going to guarantee that the wait will be worth it. Next post will be: Pics of the ring. The pics are of the prototype I received. Newsletter Subscribers already have their offer sent; but please wait until the ring is in stock. It's officially in production and I'm told it's here before Mid-October. Patience is a virtue. Afterwards, I'll post a pic of the *NEW Satanic Cross pendant. It's nearly sold out and we are also going into production this week for the new version. Watch for the next pic, will blow you away! - Xerxes

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