The New Satanic Cross Pendant

The Maurice Bessy baphomet pendant project did not meet the anticipated demand I was hoping for to thrust the production of that item. I want to take a moment to personally thank the few people who jumped to support that production from the start. I do these PRE-Order Sales not only to offer the best price for an early purchase but because it also brings in the necessary revenues to produce these items in large quantities. This leads me into a brief discussion about how 'sausage is made'.

For the most part, I am very transparent about how I go about producing these items that Satanists across the globe have purchased and appreciated. I also find myself reminding people on facebook how this all began. The mere fact that Satanic jewelry has been almost non-existent for some time now is what gave me the drive to finally step up and do something about this. For years, about all that ever existed was pagan jewelry. Too much Wiccan garbage that meant nothing to me and when we finally began seeing Satanic necklaces and other items, it was short lived. It lived only a brief moment and failed miserably because the idea was great but these people were not knowledgeable about business. One may not think much about how to run a business but you DO literally need to know how to do that because its a matter of money and time that is heavily invested. NOT ONLY that but you have to KNOW a little about financing, project planning, designing, sourcing, marketing, and at last, SALES! I also stated many times over that I do not do this for the money. This is NOT a major corporation. Do I own a small business, YES I DO. However, I can assure the masses that my income in no way, shape of form has come from the sales of these items and this very website. It all stemmed from the lack of me ever seeing something I would have appreciated buying and backing. Since then, it has grown considerably...but not because I was lucky; its because I know alot about business. This is not my first run of the mill start-ups.

Fast forward to where I am today with things. My inventory has progressed in quality and craftsmanship over the 2 years time I began this. Just a year ago, I introduced all the baphomet colors you see today AND in the type of quality that they are made in. That was just one year ago today. Now, the support that I have garnered since has demanded a special pendant, the Maurice Bessy baphomet design.

Since this past summer, I also began the ring project when I finally found a new manufacturer that I was able to work with. During the process I also manuevered quickly to create a new version of every pendant I currently have. Most of the design will not change. The only part that will definitely change will be the Quality of the metals used and the coloring that works with steel. Now we are here today with the much anticipated arrival of the Sigil of Baphomet Ring. While I hestitated to announce other pendant projects, I recently announced that my inventory would start to take on a new direction in quality. A quality that will perhaps be the best I can ever do at this point. I also mentioned that due to the fact that there was so much time and money being invested that IF there truly was a hard demand for the Bessy version that I would have wanted to see people literally put their money where their mouths were.

Unfortunately, by now we know that the demand was simply not there. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not a corporation, there are NO financial backers, there is not budget set aside for new items. This website runs on just a few simple concepts. The site is solely supported by those who purchase these items. I KNOW I can deliver on Quality and Craftsmanship, as I have also made those very words my SLOGAN. Now, what I AM able to do, is start the design process. There is no major expenses associated with getting the details and design laid out prior to starting a production. While all this was going on, I placed a Pre-Order Sale with the terms and conditions that a minimum of 25 orders would be needed to fund it going forward. This was still short of what I would have wanted BUT due to the sales rolling in on the current stock I do have available, I would have had enough to cover it. However, now you all know that it fell through. For the time being, the Maurice Bessy version is on hold.

The Satanic Cross

Since the Satanic Cross pendant is extremely popular, I was running out of inventory and I know it would have to be the first pendant to go into production with the new concept of quality: high grade surgical steel.

A while back, the last time I had these made, to my shocking surprise, I discovered that they were not meeting the high quality standards I require. Some people were experiencing the color coming off the pendant. This was due to the old manufacturer that had duped me on my last order. Now you can see why I switched and I not only switched but got a major upgrade in the process. The new Satanic Cross pendant will be made of a much better metal that is DEFINITELY made for those who want to wear it day in, day out. They can literally beat the hell out of it without fear of damage...well, noticeable damage, that is.

I originally designed all the current inventory with the best possible metals at the best price for THAT particular time when funding was tight. The pendants were made for those who would seldomly wear them. Such considerations were given for special occassional use only. So naturally, I didn't think people would wear them daily, some never taking them off at all! Hence, the metals will wear out. They were not made of stainless steel.

Now, by POPULAR demand, the entire inventory will be literally keep its appearance but with a metal that is intended for DAILY WEAR AND TEAR. The first pendant to roll out will the be Satanic Cross...followed by The Sigil of Anton LaVey.

Now...the future of the current 1.5 inck black Baphomet pendant will take a new direction. Instead of rolling out the current design, I am shifting towards the Maurice Bessy baphomet pendant!

That pendant has yet to be determined when it will come out. As you may know, lots of people are demanding different sizes for the Baphomet ring and that is needing to be funded to. THIS WEBSITE IS FOR THE TRUE SATANISTS that have supported these projects from the beginning. ITS SOLELY up to YOU to determine which direction I will go. I have years of business experience and I manage every project personally. I have a large team that helps me. That's MORE than that one individual running iSatanist can say about his methods. Not to be so critical but I can be brutally TRUTHFUL that I can see right through his methods of doing business and let me tell you NOW, he is NO businessman. This business model that I utilize works. It considers listening to ideas that people send me, it considers everybody's comments on Facebook, emails, instagram, etc. I take it all into consideration. There is more people backing me behind closed doors. Not so much financially, I did that on my own in the beginning, now YOU, the buyers are funding the site. Its YOUR jewelry, YOU pitch the ideas, YOU place your concerns and comments. I can delivery on the goods. I made my bones with everyone GLOBALLY. Anyone can doubt the fact that I literally AM the #1 seller of Satanic Jewelry but I have the evidence that backs that up. I didn't do that alone, I did it thanks to ALL Satanists that have appreciated my work. I was there with you on your thoughts as to why isn't there quality and good shit in existence yet. If the Churh of Satan is so great, why are they not stepping up?

Well, I cannot answer that myself, but I Do have my reservations about how they handle things. I mean, look at iSatanist, right? I DID mention 2 years ago that I emailed the Church of Satan Administration and Peggy Nadramia literally responded to inform me that they were not interested in working with me to bring these items. That did not discourage me, but I personally feel it was an epic fail on their part for not taking up a great opportunity. Since that email, MANY other organizations have shown their support and sponsorship to this. Make no mistake people, The Sigil of Baphomet Website is here to stay and will continue to roll out new products that you can proudly purchase and KNOW that you are getting the best.

Now, The Maurice Bessy version will eventually roll out and will roll out in the best quality and craftsmanship material I can produce. When that happens, I will once again offer up a Pre-Order Sale without terms and conditions. Thank you all whom have stepped up to suppor the past projects and the current RING project. Its currently in production as I type this and is expected to arrive Mid-October.

Darkest Blessing on this coming month (October), Hail Satan!


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