October Newsletter

This monthly newsletter should serve as a reminder to some and news to the new subscribers.

In the beginning, none of the pendants you see today were made in that quality and craftsmanship you are used to seeing them in pics. Over the past 2.5 years, the pendants were transformed in design AND materials used to create them. Which is what you currently see now listed on the site. If I were never involved in doing what I do, iSatanist and MANY others would be all that you would have to settle for. Its obvious that when you look around today, Modern Satanism is definitely EVOLVING on ALL LEVELS. You have The Satanic Temple doing political moves and recently the Luciferian movement is gaining traction. Now, you also have a jewelry company that meets the demand for the individual to have something to wear without supporting the stagnant Church of Satan whom has done nothing but criticize where Modern Satanism is going. Anton LaVey would not have reacted in this way. I can only blame the current leadership for lagging and being so irrelevant lately in public interviews and the likes….anyway, MOVING ON…

I understand that in recent weeks, I have been announcing too much too soon…so this is where we are at now. The Satanic Cross, The LaVey sigil, and at last, the Baphomet Ring will ALL be coming this MID-OCTOBER….SOME delays are expected with the LaVey pendant as it stands but I am still told that Mid-October is the deadline. GIVE IT 3 days to get them delivered to me and immediately the shipping of the rings is the first to go out…THEN, announcements will start rolling out on Facebook for anyone looking to get a deal on the other items.

Recently, I had a meeting. I thought it was time to bring back the 1 inch pendants Then I decided to halt that idea and really put some more thought into it. My signature piece is the Black and Red 2 inch pendant. I figured that most people desire a 1 inch size pendant because they want to wear a Sigil of Baphomet Pendant OPENLY and EVERY SINGLE DAY…what better to wear than my very own SIGNATURE PIECE!!?? Now, I am not sure if this will be accomplished since it is STILL VERY EARLY…but the idea is there and an attempt to create it will happen. Don’t hold me to it…it might need to be made slightly bigger because of the color and the detail on the face of the pendant. If I can pull it off, it will be done in Stainless Steel. NOW, having said this: there are people who love the 2 inch size. I am happy to report that I began the project the night before this letter and it will be in the works too for a Stainless Steel Version.

The Satanic Temple pendant and Ring.

A while back, I began discussions with The Satanic Temple. They initially contacted me to talk about their desire to restock their own pendants. They mentioned that they get great reviews on that pendant and a lot of people absolutely love it and they needed more. I told them at the time that I was working on re-making my entire inventory into a Stainless Steel version and phase out the old stuff. I also dropped the idea of my creating a Baphomet ring.

They seemed to like the idea when we had to end our talks because they were in the midst of making some renovations that will take form in their physical shop AND their webstore. Now, I cannot discuss what they planned on doing but what I CAN share is that they were interested in getting a new batch of Satanic Temple Pendants and they will likely be done in Stainless Steel. That was were we left off originally. Until they contacted me again…then they said that they were interested in a Satanic Temple RING, much like the one I had been showing off recently on facebook.

I told them that I would like to fund the prototype of each, the pendant and a ring. If they are interested they will have me produce them for web store. I did not get a guarantee yet but THEY DID express a VERY HIGH INTEREST. I know that my work speaks for itself and I KNOW that BECAUSE OF YOU…who place comments and send emails to them, they were compelled to at least reach out to me about this. This is a fantastic move on everyone’s part because this is how sausage is made when it comes to making things come to life. Its not easy but if more people express a demand, then there WILL be action taken.

The pendant and the ring can take up to a month or so to create. It’s a hard process. If you followed me on Facebook you would know that my baphomet pendant took a very long time to create. WHICH LEADS ME TO MY NEXT topic…

Indiegogo.com a crowdfunding campaign for the creation of the ring. I have to admit now that perhaps I started that prematurely because in the end, I found a better way to make the ring. The pic listed on that campaign was done by a more expensive method than what was used to create the version pictured on Facebook. I DID get some people to fund the campaign but its apparent now that there would not be enough support to move forward with the indiegogo campaign.

For the few people that DID support IndieGoGo, I want to express that your funds will be returned by October 26-27th. The campaign will not meets its goal and I asked the site that I do not want funds if the goal is not met. I cannot cancel the campaign. It has to run is course on its own. THANK YOU For your efforts in supporting the cause. Rest assured that your mcney will come back to you soon. IF you choose to purchase a RING at the cost I had it for during the PRE-ORDER sale, let me know, I will personally extend that offer to you as well. For the rest of the people who missed out on that offer, I am sorry to say that you will have to pay the $50 and I recently decided to give a Free Coffin box for every purchase of the ring at the $50 price. The baphomet ring is expected to arrive APPROX. October 15th.

The Final Topic

There is a good chance that by early 2016 a Sigil of Baphomet WATCH will be the next big thing I roll out. There are websites out there now that can make a custom watch now. They are somewhat expensive and the quality of the watch does not convince me. Some look like plastic or rubbery wrist bands. More details to come as I begin the research on this project.

In the coming weeks, I am also working on creating a STERLING SILVER PENDANT to start with. I will be personally testing it for MONTHS.

I also expect that the silver pendants will be much more affordable than the competitors are currently offering.

However, these need more funding and lots of precautions needed to be taken. There is a lot at stake in this type of investment. So now you know all the fine details. This is what separates me from the rest. LITERALLY!

I bring nothing but the best items, PERIOD. iSatanist is now having “Clearance Sales” …this is a sign that they are going out of business or simply that they couldn’t sell anything at their asking price. They also couldn’t sell it at a SALE PRICE…so the last ditch effort to recover their investment is to literally get what they can for it…think Liquidation Sale when you see their Clearance Sale on their facebook page or website. They even shifted to selling t-shirts and more recently car decals…I mean seriously, they’ve fallen off the wagon by now. This is the result of people whom wanted something great and something that was created with pride. You voted with your dollars.

This is not a personal jab at them. This is real business here. This is why I started this. Its because people like them whom just cannot meet the standards Satanists demand. Nothing more, nothing less.

Have a great month everybody. “Stay Dark my Friends” – Xerxes

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